Garen's Visual Upgrade is LIVE!

Posted on at 6:37 AM by Moobeat
Patch 3.12 is here and with it comes a visual update to Garen and all of his skins - he's got a fresh new look, an updated voiceover, and a completely new set of particles and animations!
Continue reading to check out Garen's new look and preview each of his updated skins!

Garen, the Might of Demacia
450 IP or 260 RP

Here's an encore showing of Garen's updated champion spotlight!

If the champion spotlight wasn't enough, here's a skin spotlight for his updated default skin:

Updated Skins

Alongside his new base model, all of Garen's skins have also been updated!

Desert Trooper Garen
Legacy Skin ( not currently on sale )

Sanguine Garen
520 RP

Commando Garen
520 RP

Rugged Garen
750 RP

Dreadknight Garen
975 RP

Steel Legion Garen
1350 RP

Special Interactions

Along with his dashing new looks, Garen also has new special interactions for Katarina and Darius!

When using /joke near Katarina he has 2 special interactions:
1) "Seven-thousand-and-two... oh, I didn't see you standing there!"
2) "Demacia..."

When using /joke near Darius he says:
1) "Darius, eat your heart out."

When using /taunt near Darius he says:
1) "Darius, you are a butcher, not a general."
2) "Extend the hand of Noxus, pull back a stump."

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