Creator Viktor Now Available

Posted on at 12:31 PM by Moobeat
Creator Viktor is now available for purchase AND is on sale for 975 RP, a discount of 28% over his normal price, for the next four days! After that he'll return to his normal 1350 RP price point.
Creator Viktor features a ton of new spell particles, a menacing new look, and brand spankin' new recall animation referencing his fearsome Battlecast creations.

Continue reading to join the glorious evolution!

First up is Riot's announcement:
"Creator Viktor's obsessive pursuit of perfection never rests. Even whilst developing the superior hextech required for his growing Battlecast army, he's somehow found some time to turn his dark heraldic vision on himself and make some dramatic advances in his own augmentation. His Death Ray has evolved into a sleek techmaturgical device that traces a deep red beam of death in any direction he pleases, glowing even brighter once augmented. Next, he further tamed the singularity that is Chaos Storm, encapsulating pure chaotic energy in a drone that moves to his whim, seeking the weakness of flesh. Ever the perfectionist, he even takes a moment to review his latest Battlecast designs on the way back to base. And as a final surprise, Creator Viktor has engineered his own dramatic entrance to Summoner's Rift…
Creator Viktor leads the march of machines with no intention of being left behind. For the next four days, you can join the evolution for the special price of 975 RP. After the sale, he'll return to his unaugmented price of 1350 RP."

Now for a better look!

Creator Viktor

975 RP for four days then back to 1350 RP

New Gravity Field Particle
New Death Ray ( unaugmented ) particle.
New Chaos Storm particle.
His new recall animation features him beep booping screens that feature the Battlecast skins.

Here's some fancy moving pictures showing off all of his sweet new upgrades:

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