Red Post Collection: Skin particles & Clarity, Viewing Party Program, Xerath/Heimer reworks still on the way, and more!

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Today's red post collection features a discussion on skin particle effects ( referencing the recent color change for Championship Thresh's souls ) and clarity, a few comments on dual itemization and how it just isn't right for Lucian, a reminder that Xerath and Heimerdinger reworks are still being worked on, a note that the turret items are still on the way, and a heads up on Riot's new Viewing party program!
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On skins, spells effects, and clarity

As you may have noticed, Championship Thresh's souls have been changed from the normal green to blue to match the rest of his skin.
Here's Wilwariniel explaining Riot's caution on altering some visuals due to the effect it can have on their clarity/readability in game and across all maps.
"Hey Akuni, thanks for the really thoughtful breakdown! 
I definitely agree with you about trying to not constrain skins when it's possible to do really cool stuff. There are a lot of things we have to take into consideration whenever we want to change something up with a skin, though, and we want to make sure we're careful about it. 
It really depends on the champion, of course. For example, silhouette and shape language is one thing that is usually incredibly important and that we have to be careful about, though for some champions it is everything and for others we can probably stretch things further. 
But silhouette isn't in a vacuum, either. Sometimes, you can get away with greater changes to a model because the champion might also be heavily associated with certain animations and those animations can sell it. 
One of the things we have to be conscious of all the time is "if we change this thing, will it be clear right away to anybody, from pro players to new players, what this thing is and what is going on?" We also have to be conscious of readability in general. 
Those two parts - readable as the champion and readable in general - are why I said we need to think about the change to Thresh's souls a lot before making a decision. We don't want to break the fantasy that this particular skin is selling (which the color difference was having an impact on), but at the same time, we want to make sure people can tell right away "hey, that's a Thresh soul." 
So then we look at the components of those soul orbs. They are a specific size and shape, behave a specific way, and are associated with a particular shade of green on live. What can we change in that line-up to still make sure people can see it as Thresh and see it on all maps? If we change the color, could they be confused with other particles in the game? Will they still be readable in every spot of Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline, Howling Abyss, and Dominion? Or would changing another aspect line up better with the skin while maintaining the feel of the champion?

I hope this helps to explain why we are cautious when approaching changes with things that can be considered iconic or core to a character. It's never that we're unwilling to tweak stuff at all! It's that we want to make sure that tweak still feels in line with the champion so that everybody can understand right away what's going on."

Lucian and Dual Build Paths

Following up on the Lucian discussion from yesterday, ZenonTheStoic made a few comments about having Lucian's ult having a stronger AP ratio and how dual build paths aren't something to just slap on a champion.
"You assume that having different builds is a worthwhile goal. I'd question that. There is a lot of value in making a champion clear to build for. I feel that champions with widely diverging build-paths need to have completely different build patterns for both paths; say burst in one build path and sustained damage in the other. Because if both build paths attempt to do the same thing then one of them will be better at it and the other one will be a trap. If I give The Culling and Q AP ratios then both builds do the same thing--bursty damage in sheen-like portions--but one will be better than the other. 
A champion with dual build paths must be built for that kind of thing from the ground up. Lucian isn't."

Xerath and Heimer reworks still underway 

Xelnath reminded everyone that both Xerath and Heimerdinger's reworks are still testing and that he rework process isn't a short or quick endevor:
"Gonna dispel the myths here then lock this thread: 
Xerath and Heimerdinger are getting gameplay (not model) reworks and the rework process is a long one.

We found issues with both characters' initial reworks and they have been revised and are in competitive health and balance testing now."

Turret ability clarity and upcoming Turret cosmetic items

Responding to some comments about turrets losing armor and MR "randomly" during games, Xelnath explained that turrets gain bonus armor / mr when enemy minions are not present.
"This is due to the 150 armor / mr that towers get when enemy minions are not near them."
When asked that these turret abilities be made more apparent, he noted the advent of the cosmetic turret items that are currently in testing:
"This is why I'm releasing tower items next patch."
He continued:
"Thank you. It's incredibly taxing though. We have very big problems and a limited set of time, resources and playtesting to apply it to."

Riot's Viewing Party Program

Not able to make it out to the World Championship or any other League events? Riot's aiming to help by setting up an official viewing party program!

Here's Riot Escape Plan with more details:

"What’s more fun than watching League of Legends? Watching with friends! What’s more fun than watching League of Legends with friends? Watching and making new friends! Summoners across the globe have been organizing events in all kinds of venues to view everything from LCS matches to community videos, and we want to help. 
On the new Viewing Party program website, you can register your event to get the word out, or if you’re not the organizing type, find out when and where they’re going on with an interactive map. Organizers: submit the time, place, what you’ll be watching, your website or Facebook and some other basic info, and we’ll be in touch about getting your event on the map and any other way we might be able to help. Player-organized events will then appear on the interactive map with full details for any Summoners looking for a fun place to watch League with new and old friends alike. For more information, or to submit an event, head over to the site!"
Be sure to check out the site and find a viewing party of your own! There are already several WORLD WIDE viewing parties being planned!

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