Pool Party Skins and Bundle Now Available!

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The flashy new Pool Party skins are now available! For the first two weeks Pool Party Graves will be at a discounted price of 975 RP after which it will jump up to 1350 RP. The rest of the skins - Pool Party Leona, Lee Sin and Renekton are at their regular price which is 975 RP.
As a special offer, for the next 2 weeks you can save 20% with a new flexible bundle featuring all the new skins plus Pool Party Ziggs coming together for the grand total of 4200 RP (may vary depending on content you own). Alongside that the champions in question are 30% off, that's 7413 RP if you don't own any of the featured content!

Continue reading for ingame video previews of the skins featured in this bundle and the new login screen!

Pool Party Graves

1350 RP 975 RP until September 24th
"Graves finally found a squirt gun worthy of an outlaw: all new particle effects look like water, but sting worse than Singed’s “homemade” chlorine. His recall shows off one of four impressive dives on his way back to base. Apparently Smoke Screen also obscures hidden talents!"

Pool Party Leona

975 RP
"Grab some shade under sunbathing Leona's Shield of Daybreak if things get too hot in lane. Nothing quite like a little stun in the sun"

Pool Party Lee Sin

975 RP
"Lee Sin's got a breezy new summer style and strange knack for conjuring fruity coconut drinks out of nowhere. Just don't challenge him to a game of Marco Polo—he doesn't realize casting Sonic Wave is cheating"

Pool Party Renekton

975 RP

"Cull the Meek swimmers?! Renekton takes his lifeguard duties way too seriously. Hey gator, that's not what the rescue buoy is for! "

While he may not be new, Pool Party Ziggs is also included in this summer celebration! 

Pool Party Ziggs

1350 RP

Login Screen

To commemorate this release a new login screen has landed on the live servers:

As you may have noticed, this login screen is a copy of the "Pool Party Poster" given away at PAX... but who is the lady with the tattoo and painted nails? See this article for more information.

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