Four New Flexible Bundles Now Available in the Store!

Posted on at 12:25 PM by frostyNinja
With the recent introduction of flexible cost bundles we've had some awesome opportunities to pick up valuable skins and champions with a small discount and FOUR more bundles have just hit the shop - The Ninja Bashing Bundle featuring five pirate themed skins, the Pirate Hunting bundle featuring five ninja themed skins, the Top Lane Terror Bundle featuring some beefy staples from the top lane, and the Here Be Dragons bundle which features four dragon themed skins! These bundles are available between now and September 24th so act fast!
Continue reading to check out the contents of the four new, temporarily available bundles!

Remember: This sale lasts between 9/17 and 9/24!

Ninja Bashing Bundle - 1642 RP for skins; 3502 RP all ( 50% off )

Fiddlesticks + Fiddle Me Timbers
Katarina + Bilgewater Katarina
Rumble + Bilgerat Rumble
Swain + Bilgewater Swain
Tristana + Buccaneer Tristana

Top Lane Terrors Bundle - 3048 RP ( 25% off )

Lee Sin

Pirate Hunting Bundle - 2325 RP for skins; 4437 RP all ( 50% off ) 

Rammus + Ninja Rammus
Akali + Silverfang Akali
Zed + Shockblade Zed
Shen + Blood Moon Shen
Kennen + Arctic Ops Kennen

Here Be Dragons Bundle- 2565 RP for skins; 4791 RP all (40% off)

Shyvana + Ice Drake Shyvana
Lulu + Dragon Tamer Lulu
Wukong + Jade Dragon Wukong
Vayne + Dragonslayer Vayne

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