Champion Spotlight: Garen, the Might of Demacia

Posted on at 7:25 PM by Moobeat
Since he is getting a visual upgrade in the upcoming patch, Riot has released an updated champion spotlight for Garen, the might of Demacia!

"Spin to win in the Champion Spotlight for Garen, The Might of Demacia.

Garen's a melee fighter who excels at bringing justice to his opponents in the form of tough, physical DPS. With a silence, a damage-reducing shield and an execute-style ability to help secure kills, Garen's toolkit is ideal for trading hits in one-on-one skirmishes while still remaining tanky. And of course there's Judgement, his signature ability, a furious, uninterruptable damaging spin. Garen's zero-cost spells and sturdy foundation of resistances and regeneration make for an aggressive, bullying playstyle that justifies his reputation as the most respected warrior in Demacia's fighting elite. "

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