9/5 PBE Update: Creator Viktor

Posted on at 3:49 PM by Moobeat
A glorious update-olution - containing a new Viktor skin, new minion VFX, and more - has been applied to the PBE!
Continue reading for more information, including pictures and video of all the new content!

(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

New Skin
Creator Viktor
1350 RP
Lots of Battlecast references in the splash art- can you find them all?
Note: I have no idea what this thing behind Kog'Maw is. Ideas? 

Death Ray normal on the left and augmented on the right.
His recall summons little screens!
His R has a new hovering robot friend

New Minion VFX on PBE
The new minion VFX that Nome mentioned a few days ago have popped up on the PBE! To quickly sum up the changes, the new effects show the direction of the missle and are much less flashy to reduce visual noise.

Here's a short video of them in motion.

Shyvana R Tooltip Change

Shyvana 's  R tooltip is now significantly longer and properly describes what happens when you transform - it also now reads that she now leaves a trail of burnout as she transforms but these isn't actually hooked up yet or it's just an error.
Unsure what they are doing exactly, just mentioning it for future reference - the ult seems exactly how it is on live atm.

Screen lock Hotkey
With this update, pressing F9 now puts a red border around your screen and seems to lock it in position.
This is different from using space or clicking the small icon above the mini map to lock your camera. If your camera is locked on your character, screen lock will still move arouind with you and if your camera is unlocked, screen lock will still hold your view in the place you locked it in.

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