Red Post Collection: Results of the Freljord Event and RP+, a promotion with American Express

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Here's a small red post collection to start the day!
Continue reading for the results of the Freljord event from earlier this year and details on RP+, a new promotion from American Express.

Freljord Event Results
After seeing the request on reddit, kitae has posted the results of the Freljord event - which allowed summoners to select a summoner icon to pledge their support to one of the three tribes.
"Hey Summoners,

Recenton on Reddit, Papochka asked what the results of the Freljord event were. I’m here to share them with you guys! 
(Magic Results Infographic
As you can see, a couple things stand out:
  • Different regions favored different tribes: The Frostguard (led by Lissandra) received the most worldwide support, but all three tribes were #1 in at least one region.
  • It was a close race: Each tribe received significant support in all the regions we tracked. Sejuani and her Winter’s Claw tribe support in Korea was the lowest result we observed, and still constituted 26.2% of players!
The Freljord event was intended to shine the spotlight on the Freljord, feature it’s three leaders, and present a difficult choice – which tribe will you support? We wanted all three tribes to be compelling, and were pleased to see that they all appealed to players around the world. 
Which tribe will rule the Freljord? Only time will tell. The Freljord event set the stage for future stories and conflict in this harsh, icy, region. What will ultimately set things in motion? Who knows.

But if the Watchers return…that would make things…interesting...."

League of Legends and American Express promotion
Riot and American Express have teamed up to bring summoners an opportunity to snag some free RP by signing up and using an American Express reloadable prepaid card.
"RP+ from American Express Serve is offering a new way for League of Legends players to get RP – you can earn RP when you sign up and start using your Full Service Reloadable Prepaid Account:
  • +1,000 RP after successful sign up and email verification
  • +1,000 RP the first time you load $20 or more to your Account
  • +10,000 RP the first time you use Direct Deposit to add $20 or more to your Account
  • +100 RP for each of your first 10 Card purchases
  • +Continue earning RP on the things you already buy 
Choose a Card design with Teemo, Vi, Lux, Twisted Fate, the Summoner’s Cup or the League of Legends logo, depending on how you’d like to represent off the Fields of Justice. 
A few things to remember before you sign up:
  • Accountholders must be 18 or older (or 19 in certain states)
  • Accountholders must be US residents
  • You must have a North American League of Legends account to earn rewards
  • No credit check or minimum balance
Head over to to learn more about RP+ from American Express Serve!"
 Before it comes up, no there is not yet an EU equivalent and yes you should probably read the fine print on this before signing up.

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