Red Post Collection: More Dominion specific changes inc, Clarification on 3.10a Zac change, and Pool Party Leona concept art!

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Patching downtime got YOU down? Why now chear up with this red post collection!
Continue reading for posts concerning more upcoming Dominion specific balance changes, clarification on a patch 3.10a Zac change, and a cool concept art of Pool Party Leona!


More Dominion Changes for 3.11
ManWolfAxeBoss has posted up some more Dominion specific changes we can look forward to going into testing soon.
In addition to the changes mentioned in the 3.11 thread: 
- Bushwhack reveal and Armor and Magic Resistance shred changed to 6 seconds from 12
- Bushwhack trap duration changed to 2 minutes from 4 minutes 
- Null Sphere silence duration changed to 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds from 1/1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6 
- Taste Their Fear isolation damage changed to 35% bonus from 45%
- Evolved Enlarged Claws additional missing health damage changed to 6% from 8% 

- Noxious Trap map duration changed to 3 minutes from 10"
For reference, you can find the previously mentioned changes here.

Clarification on patch 3.10a Zac Change
Here is Meddler proving some additional info on the Zac change "Cell Division: Blob absorption and squish radius reduced to 25 (from 100)" that popped up in the 3.10a patch notes that went up earlier today.
"Can understand your concern, because of the way distance between Zac and his blobs is calculated though this isn't as big a hit as it appears on paper. Previously Zac would pick up a blob if the distance between his edge and the blob's edge was 100 units or less, now he'll pick up a blob if that distance is 25 units or less. The amount of space the blob itself occupies is unchanged however. As a result you need to get noticeably closer to the blobs but you certainly don't have to run over their exact center or anything extreme like that."

Pool Party Leona concept art
Good ole' IronStylus took to twitter to share a concept art for Pool Party Leona, workshopped from the intial concept at PAX East.
"Here's something you Pool Partiers might like. Pool Party Leona's concept post-PAX  #LeagueOfLegends"
In case you missed it, you can find the complete Pool Party Leona skin here.

Lucian Login Preview
Patch 3.10a is headed to live servers and Lucian's login screen is ready to be previewed! While the videos won't do it justice, he has an awesome lore cinematic that plays, followed by normal login music. Check it out!

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