8/15 PBE Update: Arcade Hecarim & Riot Blitzcrank splashes and new Team Summoner Icons

Posted on at 11:45 AM by frostyNinja
The PBE has been updated with the full splash arts for Arcade Hecarim and Riot Blitzcrank, as well as new summoner icons for the five teams that qualified for the upcoming International Wildcard tournament - GamingGear.eu from RU/ CiS, paiN Gaming from Brazil, Lyon Gaming from Latin America, Team Immunity from Oceania, and Dark Passage from Turkey.
Continue reading for a better look at these new splashes and icons!

( Warning: PBE Content is tentative and interative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers )

New Splashes
After the tease of seeing their load screens, the splash arts for Arcade Hecarim and Riot Blitzcrank are now here in their full glory:
Riot Blitzcrank
Arcade Hecarim

New Summoner Icons
Icon for each of the five teams who won their regional qualifier and will participating in the upcoming International Wildcard Tourney at Gamescom.
GamingGear.eu from RU/ CiS, paiN Gaming from Brazil, Lyon Gaming from Latin America, Team Immunity from Oceania, and Dark Passage from Turkey.

Balance Changes
Nothing much except that the Nexus Turret's missle speed ( NOT ATTACK SPEED ) has been increased significantly. Sort of weird.

Miss out on some of the earlier PBE action? Don't worry - we got you covered!

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