[ Updated ] WizardCrab, the new eCommerce Associate and changes to the semi-weekly champ / skin sales.

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Update: Added in several more posts. Go nuts.

WizardCrab, Riot's new eCommerce Associate, has popped up on the forums, introducing himself and with news on updates to the semi-weekly champion and skin sales.
Continue reading for his introduction, new plans for the champ & skin sales, a small note on Spirit Guard Udyr's whereabouts, and more!

Here's WizardCrab's post, which popped up on all three forums -NA, EUW, and EUNE
"Hey all! 
I'm the new associate in eCommerce here at Riot and I wanted to make my presence on the forums known! I'm happy to talk about anything regarding the semi-weekly champion and skin sales, F2P rotations, new flexible cost bundles, life, football (American), curling, why water chestnuts are the worst, why League needs more Crab-type champions, dogs, cats, the growing issue of crab underrepresentation in today's governments, mini golf, advantages of walking sideways, and I suppose League of Legends. Or whatever. 
I'd first like to let you in on a couple of changes regarding the semi-weekly champion and skin sales. I'd like to make the selection criteria a little more transparent. First off, every champion sale will include:
  • 1 975 RP champion
  • 1 880 RP champion
  • 1 790 RP or lower champion
The skins sales will be a little more complicated, so bear with me. Skin sales will now generally follow a pattern over the course of 2 weeks (4 sales):
  • Sale 1
o 975 RP skin
o 750 RP skin
o 520 RP skin
  • Sale 2
o 975 RP skin
o 1350 RP skin
o 520 RP skin
  • Sale 3
o 975 RP skin
o 750 RP skin
o 520 RP skin
  • Sale 4
o 975 RP skin
o 975 RP skin
o 520 RP skin 
This is our attempt to fulfill two main goals with the sales. The first is to get through all of the eligible champions and skins within a semi-reasonable amount of time. The second is to avoid having some weeks of all high tier item sales followed by weeks of all low tier item sales. We would like a more moderate spread every week, and think you might like that too. 
I also wanted to let you know that we are planning on releasing some 1350 RP skins in the coming months. With these releases we currently plan on having an initial sale for the first few days at 975 RP. 
Anyway, feel free to use this thread to discuss the new sales system or ask me questions about anything (especially the topics above)!"
As for the recent removal of lore or storylined sales, WizardCrab commented:
"It was a lot of work to get these stories ready for every sale in every language. It really limited our flexibility and we felt those resources could be put to better use."
He also reminded us that the new 1350 tier skins are eligible to be on sale, such as Mecha Kha'Zix which was on sale earlier this week.
"1350 skins will go on sale as I outlined. Legendary skins will not go on sale. There are no 1350 Legendary skins (in fact the only Legendary skin that isn't 1820 is Surprise Party Fiddlesticks). If you're referring to the three skins that were once 1820 and are now 1350, they are no longer considered legendary and are eligible for sales!"

When asked if there will ever be more skins / champs ( such as four a week instead of three added to the sales, WizardCrab commented:
"We don't plan on adding more champions or skins to these sales. But one of the biggest reasons why we added the new bundles was in order to help people get access to more content at reduced price points. And the new schedule should help in general."

WizardCrab also brought some bad news regarding Spirit Guard Udyr.
"We're working around the clock to try to get you guys the most awesome Spirit Guard Udyr experience that we can. It looks like it won't be this week but hopefully soon thereafter."
"I just said it won't come out this week and that I'm hopeful for it to come out soon thereafter. We want to see this skin out there just as bad as you guys. But we won't put it out until it's as awesome of an experience as you all expect from us."

Update: Here are a few more posts!

As for highly requested skins going on sale, WizardCrab commented:
"I know there have been a number of highly sought after skins that have not yet been on sale. I'm trying to get them on sale as soon as I can. That's why I say one of the goals is to get all of the skins on sale. Please don't expect that I can suddenly put them all up on sale immediately, but I really hope the upcoming sales will speak for themselves"
When asked about the Lifetime RP purchase icons, he noted:
"It's still a priority but we really don't have an ETA. There are a number of other pieces that need to fall into place before we an make this happen in an awesome way."
 On the topic of all the new flexible bundles, he mentioned will be seeing more of them!
"We're going to try to put out a new set of limited-time bundles out once per month."

He also provided a bit longer of a post on the Spirit Guard Udyr problems:
"Here is my summary about Spirit Guard Udyr. And this is literally everything I know on the matter: 
We are sorry for accidentally messing with your expectations. We wanted to have him out by now. We've all been so excited about him, which is why we've been hinting about him and revealed him already. When Hippalus said he would be out in May, he meant it. That's when we thought he would come out. But things came up in development (what things I do not know, since I'm not involved there) and he had to get pushed back. And that has happened many times. We wish we could have put him out. I'm not lying when I say we want him out as badly as you do. This is not hype or some marketing ploy. We understand that the longer it takes us to get him out, the more you guys will get annoyed at us and our game, which we obviously don't want.

But people are working their butts off right now to try to get him to you. I know that won't placate you, but that's what's happening. And that's all I know. I'm sorry I don't know anything else."

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