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While this week's LCS action is still underway, don't forget to check out the Brazilian Championship that's currently being hosted in São Paulo, Brazil! The event takes place over three days and features eight Brazilian teams duking it out to earn a chance to compete at Gamescon's Wildcard tourney to earn a spot in the S3 World Finals later this year.

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Here's an embedded link to the stream, where you'll be able to catch all the games streamed in Portuguese !
Watch live video from riotgamesportuguese on www.twitch.tv

Here's a fan translation of the announcement posted on Brazil's LOL site:
"The Third Season of Brazilian Championship will begin! Three days of challenges between the best teams  of League of Legends in Brazil, and so many activities with the community. Wanna know how can you follow all these? Stay tuned: 
Teams: eight teams, divided by two groups. They will face each other on the first phase from Friday to Sunday. The semifinals will be Saturday and Sunday, and the big final its scheduled to Sunday's afternoon (best of 5). 
Matches: livestreamed thru www.cblol.com.br (or the Official Riot's Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/riotgamesbrazil) with the casters Bruno "LeonButcher" Pereira, Diniz "Gruntar" Albieri and "Gustavo "LoLDuBR" Docil, besides the commentators Pato Papão and Caipira do Mal. 
Schedule and results: the official website (www.cblol.com.br) will be updated in real-time with the matches' results. Stay tuned there to for the possible changes in shedule and come back to see all the photo galleries! 
Social media: Rioters from all around the event will be following the news and will share all the awesomeness thru Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Join us, and don't forget the hashtag #CBLoL! Share your photos if you're here at the event and send your questions to us if you're watching from your home!
Let the games begin!
(The following schedules are subject to change)
July 19 - Friday
9:00 - Opening
10:00 - Beginning of the event
10:30 - Keyd X RMA
12:00 - CNB x paiN
13:30 - PeesPlay X Action
15:00 - RMA X PeesPlay
16:30 - paiN X PlayArt
19:30 - Keyd X NEX Impetus
July 20 - Saturday
9:00 - Opening
10:00 - Beginning of the event
14:30 - Cosplay competition
16:30 - First Semifinal (best of 3) 
 July 21 - Sunday
9:00 - Opening
10:00 - Beginning of the event
10:30 - Second Semifinal (best of 3)
13:30 - Stage activities
15:00 - The great Final! (best of 5)
19:30 - Closing Ceremony"
* Note: All times in Brasilia Standard Time.

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