This week in esports 7/21-7/28

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This week has been incredible in eSports - full of events, roster changes, management changes, and amazing play from the regional league events.
 Caution: Spoilers! Continue reading for a recap of important eSports news and current league standings!

North and South America:

  • CLG announced that their new coach/analyst is MonteCristo, the current caster for OGN and co-owner of ggChronicle. He will continue casting OGN. Source

  • To Be Determined (ex-FXO) beat compLexity in the ggLA Challenger Arena #1

  • The Riot Season 3 Brazilian Championship finals took place on the 21st, with paiN Gaming coming in 1st, CNB e-Sports Club coming in 2nd, and RMA e-Sports/Nex Impetus coming in 3rd/4th. paiN Gaming has secured a spot at the Gamescom 2013 International Wildcard Tournament in which the top team gets a spot at World Finals.  Source

  • The top 16 NA challenger teams were locked in this weekend. These teams are eligible to enter a qualifier in which the top 4 teams get a seed at the Pax 2013 Challenger Tournament. The winning team will be given a spot in the NA LCS Season 4 Qualifiers.

  • It was announced the the Well Played Spring Promotional Tournament will offer a seed spot at the NA LCS Season 4 Qualifier to the 1st place team. Be sure to check out the Well Played Cup August 1st-4th. More information can be found at their website here.

NA LCS Standings:


  • Mimér joins Ninjas in Pyjamas replacing extinkt who retired earlier in the week. Source

  • Mixga leaves MilleniumSource

  • Lightblind is hired by Riot Games as EU eSports CoordinatorSource

  • The Riot Season 3 Turkish Finals took place this weekend, with Dark Passage coming in 1st, Team Turquality BLUE in 2nd, and HWA Gaming in 3rd. Dark Passage has received a spot at the Gamescom 2013 International Wildcard Tournament in which the top team will get a spot at Season 3 World Finals.  Source

EU LCS Standings:

Korea/China/Southeast Asia/Oceania:

  • IEM Shanghai took place during ChinaJoy 2013 (a digital entertainment expo & conference) with a $30,000 dollar prize pool. World Elite took 1st place, followed by iG in second, and Royal Club HZ/OMG in 3rd/4th.

  • PDD of iG was injured in a car accident on his way to IEM Shanghai. He was quickly taken to the hospital but had to miss the semi-final Royal HZ vs iG game, instead being replaced by Otto from Young Glory. Zzitai also reportedly suffered from a heatstroke during the game. iG went on to place 2nd overall at IEM Shanghai with PDD playing in the finals just a day after the incident.  Source

  • Shy and Flame from the two CJ Entus teams started a series titled "LOL Summer Lessons" in which they teach you tips and tricks for playing top lane. Check it out here!

  • The Riot Season 3 Oceania Finals took place on the 21st, which resulted in Team Immunity in 1st and HotSoggyDecimate in 2nd. Team Immunity has secured a spot at the Gamescom 2013 International Wildcard Tournament in which the top team will get a spot at Season 3 World FinalsSource

  • Singapore Sentinals qualified for the SEA Regional Finals by placing in 1st in The Legends Circuit (Singapore's version of LCS). They join the Saigon Jokers (Vietnam) and Kuala Lumper Hunters (Malaysia) who already qualified via their respective leagues. Source

OGN Standings:

LPL Standings:

GPL Standings:

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