Red Post Collection: Note on Jayce Nerfs, Damiya looking for Buddy List feedback, More on SGU, and eSports tidbits with RiotTiza

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I have a short and sweet red post collection for you guys on an otherwise dreary new day.
Continue reading for Meddler commenting on the upcoming Jayce nerfs, Damiya fishing for player thoughts on the buddy list  / chat, Riot Dudebro with more talk on SGU, and a few eSports tidbits from RiotTiza.

Meddler on Jayce Nerfs
Currently on the PBE, Jayce's Acceleration Gate has had it's cooldown increased from 14/13/12/11/10 seconds to a flat 16 seconds at all ranks.

While merited, Meddler commented that another change is currently being tested to slightly compensate for the heavy nerf.
"We're currently testing a slight increase to the speed of his non accelerated Shock Blasts so that using Shock Blast when Acceleration Gate is on CD (which will be a more common occurrence now) will be a bit better. Overall we do intend to reduce Jayce's power a bit, poke/disengage primarily, so this is not aimed at fully compensating for the AG CD nerf."
Damiya on the Buddy List and Chat Notifications
Damiya is looking for summoner feedback on that buddy list and chat notifications systems. She notes this is not for anything official, just mearly for her own interest on what summoners like and dislike.
"Hey folks,I wanted to reach out and fish for thoughts, feelings, and requests for improvement/change on the Buddy List and Chat Notifications 
Please note, this isn't an official inquiry; much like some of the other topics I've spawned, I'm looking to deepen my understanding of the pain points around the chat system. 
With that said, there's a few topics that are outside the scope of discussion here:
Invites and Chat disconnects, while super frustrating, are very much a separate piece of the client (even if they use the same core processes). 
I'm mostly looking to talk about this screen that we all know and (love?):

That said, what would you like to see changed? What really sucks about it? What works well?"
Have your own opinions you want to add the discussion? Head on over to the thread and share!

Tidbits on SGU
To clear up what he announced the other day, Riot Dudebro restated that Spirit Guard Udyr will get a custom death animation but will it will not be included on release.
"There's a lot of post twisting my words so I'll say it clearer. 
----SGU is coming out without a custom death animation/particle. That will be added post release(within a patch or two). The death animation/particle is not holding up release.

He also spoke a little to the upcoming ultimate skin , revealing the total number of different models in the skin:
"it's 13 models(including the spirit animals and the special guest for the joke)"
"they are all different models( meaning they have unique polygons (and uv's) so each stance has two models as well as the model used for the spirit animal. The bear form uses the same model as the human form; e just hide the bear form parts of the model for the human form. The only thing they share is the rig."
He also noted that the skin changed several times during it's developmenet, saying:
"I'm afraid to do this, as it will probably feed the trolls, but I'd like to give a bit more information on this topic 
SGU was in the works for over 9 months. During those 9 months, we worked on other stuff on top of SGU. I know I was apart of stuff like the Trundle rework, Lissandra, Vi, Eternum Nocturne, Steel Legion Garen (just to name just a few). While working on the skin, we would change directions, we would increase scope, and collected a lot of feedback from other players in the company. There was one version of SGU that had a million particles everywhere and versions where it was very subtle(just to give you an example).

Hope this clears things up."

eSports Stuff
With all the recent roster swaps, a few summoner's have taken to the forums to question Riot's tolerance of such  drastic changes to a teams lineup. RiotTiza noted:
"The official LCS rules can be found here: http://riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws....4_20130328.pdf

We definitely have regulations. Also, most pro sports DO allow you to do so. You see 2/5 or (rarely) 3/5 changes in the starting lineup in the NBA fairly often."
RiotTiza also commented that information on the World Championships will be made available soon.
"They haven't been announced yet, but they will be very soon (NOT soon^tm). =)"

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