Red Post Collection: New Bundles coming Soon, New Akali Splash in the works, and other splash related tidbits.

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Red post time! This small collection includes Udyr's announcement and details on upcoming themed bundles coming to the store in "weeks, not months" and Riot Silver discussing a new Akali splash and some of the yet to be updated visual update splashes.
Continue reading for more information.

New Themed Bundles Coming Soon
Udyr has provided us with a heads up that new themed  champ / skin bundles will be hitting the store within the next few weeks and, should this kinda thing interest you, it would be a smart idea to go ahead and stock up on RP while the extra bonus RP promotion is still going.
"Hey everyone, 
Since Extra Bonus RP is active until the end of this Friday, I wanted to give everyone a heads up that we’ll have some new themed bundles coming up soon (weeks, not months). If you liked the themed bundles, this would be a good opportunity to take advantage of the Extra Bonus RP promotion and stock up.. 
Prices will range between 1000RP and 4000RP (excluding any needed Champions for skin bundles).

While he wouldn't reveal what'll be in the bundle, he did note:
"I'm not revealing anything about the themes, but we have some similar archetypes as our previous bundles."

( The below is tentative information, bundles, names, skins, and all that are subject to change )

While this was obviously a boo-boo, a few bundles have popped up on EUW and are currently unpurchasable and has the contents listed. *This stuff is subject to change*
The Pentakill bundle is pretty self explanatory

  • Pretty In Pink contains Lulu, Bittersweet Lulu, Orianna, Sewn Chaos Orianna, Ahri, Dynasty Ahri, Taric, Armor of the Fifth Age Taric.
  • Retirement Bundle ( presumably these are skins that are going to be retired soon ) contains Rammus, Molten Rammus, Gangplank, Sailor Gangplank, Galio, Hextech Galio, Kog'Maw, Caterpillar Kog'Maw, Sona, Muse Sona.
  • Unsure on contents of Ranged rovers.

edit: Due to the accidental activation on EUW, here's Udyr with a rundown on the bundles.
"New bundles, prices ranging from 1000-4000RP (excluding any Champions for skin bundles). 
Coming in weeks not months. 
This is a heads up so if people want to take advantage of Extra Bonus RP. 
Edit: looks like the bundles were activated by mistake. They are turned off right now because they weren't supposed to be on.
Here is the pricing: 
Pretty in Pink: 2067RP, 4116RP if you need Champions (Champions and skins both at 40% )
-Bittersweet Lulu
-5th Age Taric
-Dynasty Ahri
-Sewn Chaos Orianna 
Pentakill: 2325RP, 4345RP if you need the Champions (both champions and skins at 50% off)
-Pentakill Morde
-Pentakill Sona
-Pentakill Yorick
-Pentakill Olaf
-Pentakill Karthus 
Ranged Rovers: 3585RP (No skins, flat 25% off)
Retirement: 935RP for skins, 3000RP total if you don't own the Champions (75% off for skins, Champions also included at 50% off)
-Caterpillar Kog
-Hextech Galio
-Muse Sona
-Molten Rammus
-Sailor GP"
New Akali Splash in Works + Splash Tidbits
Riot Silver notedearlier today that he is currently working on a new Akali splash art
Akali is definitely a splash that we're looking to have reworked very soon. I'm actually already in the process of working on it and I'm pretty stoked to say that it should reflect her game-play a lot more than the one currently in game (akali is my main).

It's gonna take a little bit of time, but we will be getting to every base splash that doesn't meet our current quality standards as well as the ones we feel don't quite fit the character. Bear with us, and definitely keep sending your feedback!

Peace out!"
As a follow up to this, he also commented on Junkyard Trundle's yet-to-be updated splash and how the splash making process works.
"When will Junkyard and Lil Slugger Trundle splashes be updated? 
These, like the Nidalee skin splashes will be of the first skin splashes to be reworked. Right now our main goal with splash reworks is to address all of the base splashes first, and then we will work on a priority list for skins, which will be judged based on both quality standards and on which skins are the furthest from their in game model counterparts (skins that have had their VU will for the most part be very high on this list.) 
Out of curiosity what's the process before a piece actually makes it in game? Why do the splash art updates take so long? Do the artist also work in different fields? How large of a team of artists do you have?

Splash team is currently a team of 8 artists who are more or less dedicated to working on splash art. We are all league players. Sometimes we work on concepts, and sometimes concept artists will also work on splashes. Each splash takes between 3-4 weeks. We start with a set of thumbnail sketches (around 3-6) and decide on which has the best composition and best fits the character. From there we create a few quick color sketches from the picked thumbnail to decide on which mood feels right. From there it's all about drawing it out and rendering until it's done. The rendering process differs slightly when considering if the splash will be animated for a login screen or not, but that mainly just pertains to how many layers in Photoshop we will use."
He also added:
"So I may not have been clear when I made that last post. Karma would be included in that list of high priority splash reworks. Any skins that have been visually updated where the splash does not accurately represent the skin will be a high priority once we start to address skin splashes."

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