New Feature: Ready check dodge penalty on PBE

Posted on at 11:49 AM by Moobeat
Over on the PBE, a new feature that penalizes people who repeatedly decline / miss ready checks is being tested!

Here is Lyte with the details:
"In the latest PBE update, we enabled a new feature intended to get everyone into games faster. Players who repeatedly decline or miss the ready check will now receive a queue dodge penalty, resulting in a lockout from all matchmaking queues.
Here's how it works: 
  • A player who frequently misses or declines ready checks gets a warning that the next missed ready check will result in a penalty 
  • On the next decline or miss, that player will be temporarily locked out of all matchmaking queues 
This is a small change, but part of our larger effort to keep AFK'ers, queue dodgers and leavers from ruining your games. This feature should get us all onto the Fields of Justice faster. 
As with any PBE feature, we're looking for your feedback. Be sure to let us know what you think!"

Continuer reading for answers to a few commonly asked questions!

RiotSeb popped in to provide answers to several questions that were coming up:
"Answers to popular questions:

Our overall goal is to get people into game as quickly as possible, with as few false starts as possible (false starts include dodging Champ Select, missing the AFK timer). It's tiresome to have to wait through the queue multiple times, and we really want to match people up that are ready to play. 
This feature is indeed intended to go onto live, after some iteration based on PBE feedback. It does indeed target a smaller (ab)use case than the parent feature (Ready Check), but trolls that abuse this can be very frustrating for players with longer queue times (whether in a less popular queue, at a far end of the MMR spectrum, playing at non-peak hours, or in a less populated server). 
This penalty will only be applied to players that repeatedly click the Decline button or repeatedly AFK on that feature. However, just missing the Ready Check every once in a while will not be penalized. We understand that players might go to the bathroom or whatever during queue time, which is why the Ready Check exists in the first place! 
A player that generally gets accepts on time and doesn't dodge Champ Select games started will be much less likely to see these penalties. However, players that miss this stuff regularly will receive dodge penalties."

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