PAX Aus Art Demo - Futuristic Caitlyn Concept

Posted on at 2:04 AM by Moobeat
DISCLAIMER: This was an art demo at an event, it doesn't confirm this skin will turn into a reality and nothing has been promised by any of the Rioter's / Riot. It's just cool and I wanted to share. ]

PAX Aus was in full swing over the weekend and, just as with PAX East earlier this year, several Rioter's were present at the event to a live art demo where they take a skin idea and work through it, drawing it, coloring it, and what not, each day of the event. The concept they chose to run with was some sort of futurisitc Caitlyn skin.
Continue reading for more shots.

Before we dive into the pictures, I want to reiterate that this isn't confirmation of a skin or anything - just some ideas floating around.

IronStylus mentioned it on Twitter, saying

On to the pictures!
( Source: Default117 on reddit )

( Source: Fivetinsoldiers )
( Source: Fivetinsoldiers )
( Source: Timmahh on reddit )

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