Patch 3.9 Issues and Why SGU hasn't been released

Posted on at 12:10 AM by Moobeat
Here's a small red post collection pertaining to the recent client issues in the wake of 3.9!
Continue reading for a run down of some of the problems, as well as Damiya with an explanation of why pushing out SGU in an unstable enviroment is bad.

Here's Chager with an update on some of the issues that have been popping up since 3.9 was pushed to live servers.
"Hi All, 
I want to jump into this thread and give an update on some of the issues we're seeing: 
PvP.Net Disconnect = The interim fix that players have had a lot of success with is disabling IPv6 (OP for this thread). This is meant to be a short term fix until we determine the root cause and fix. We're currently digging into windows updates to see if there are any cross compatibility issues with the latest release (we've been getting reports of PvP.Net disconnects since a day before the 3.9 update). Team is still digging into this. 
Crashes at champ select = There was a server side hotfix yesterday to address this issue. We had success with this in our QA environments, but if some of y'all are still experiencing this please let us know (best way is via PS ticket so we can track and get individual help) 
Bugsplat Crashes = If you see these please report them. We haven't seen a significant uptick in bugsplat reports, but with every new patch there can be some that creep up that we don't catch. 
Just to re-iterate, this thread and the instructions from the OP were meant to address the specific PvP.Net disconnect issues players have been seeing. We're still working on a permanent fix for that, and are also digging into some of the other fixes players have been reporting since the 3.9 patch. 

If you are experiencing any of the problems above, swing into this thread to read up on some temporary fixes or to report them.

Here is Damiya offering an explanation and an update on why Spirit Guard Udyr's has not been released.
"I can speak to this a bit from the tech side. As a note it's a bit long, but I hope some of the detail will provide clarity and value so you guys understand a bit better what the state of the world is. 
It's been a very busy week for the development teams here at Riot, with the Hydra issue and the bugsplats, reports of FPS drops ingame and finally the disconnect issues in a number of environments.

All of these things require serious effort from the part of people involved; from Release doing very late nights to deploy hotfixes to the critical issues to QA spending late hours digging into the disconnect stuff; I spent 14 hours on Thursday and pulled another 13 hours at work yesterday digging into the worldwide disconnect problem. (For the record, I've done that gladly and the people I work with have done the same. ) You guys are important to us, and fixing things that interrupt play time are absolutely critical. 
But that's just the background, let's talk about SGU; releasing something, *anything* carries risk. It requires coordination from a couple dozen people over a period of hours to get that content pushed to a wide variety of environments across the globe; QA, Release, Build Engineering and so on. Even the most basic skin requires a lot of awesome people to ease it gently into the world. 
Now let's raise the stakes; we have the second Ultimate, a piece of content that you guys are eager to get (and that we're eager to provide!). Summoner Icons, Profile Banners, the Login Screen, and holy-cow-a-lot-of-models-and-animations-and-stuff ingame. There's a lot of moving parts, and it's very important we get everything right; we also have to be ready in case things go wrong (knock on wood).

I wasn't involved in making the decision to hold off on Spirit Guard Udyr (that's way above my pay grade) but as someone who's been working on the other emergent issues, I fully support it. I doubt it was an easy decision, because letting players down sucks, but adding more risk to what's already been a rocky week for a lot of our players... Well that kinda sucks too!

I had a really good conversation with someone recently about player expectations: you guys are demanding. And I say that with a smile because it's one of the things I love most about this community: it's full of passionate, engaged people who want Riot to deliver excellence. Everyone here wants to deliver that excellence, and sometimes that means making people wait for something awesome."

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