[ Leak ] Mysterious "Lunar Karma" spotted in the store.

Posted on at 9:58 PM by Moobeat
(This is a LEAK. Treat all the information below as unconfirmed and speculative)

Summoner Zyrelia noticed something fishy popup in the NA in-client store. The NA store has since been taken down for emergency maintence. Unsure if this is a slip up for a future skin, something that's been cancelled, or what. 
In a forum thread about this incident, Damiya commented:
"Hey guys,Clearly this wasn't meant to happen and we've got the store disabled while we look into the issues.

I appreciate your patience and I hope to have more information for you soon."

It appears that a lot of other weird things were purchasble during this time, such as skin and icons for the not yet implemented Spirit Guard Udyr . Anything that happened to slip through with this store error will likely be refunded and sent on their way.

Here's Chager with an update on the downtime and the misplaced content:
"Hi all, 
I wanted to give y'all some additional context around the Karma skin and the store shutdown earlier tonight. Basically we had some content that wasn't quite ready for the spotlight go out in one of our store content deploys (looks like some of you found her too). We disabled the stores while we disable the content. 
Additionally, we'll be working with the PS team to issue refunds to anyone who bought the Karma or Spirit Guard Udyr skins. At the moment the concern is that the content is for upcoming builds, but by purchasing it before the content is in the back end (this was just the store display) it may not properly sync and could lead to worse bugs for when we do enable it. We also know buying something and then not being able to use it (and not having the RP back) sucks.


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