Free Transfers to Russian/CIS server back up.

Posted on at 5:46 PM by Moobeat
Free transfers to the new Russian / CIS servers are once again available!
Here's Demorphic with more information:
We’re excited to announce a new promotion featuring free transfers to the Russian/CIS server. A ton of you asked us to re-open the transfer window since you didn’t get a chance to switch over during the initial period. Now you’ll be able to head to the Russian server from NA, EUW and EUNE and still nab your Bear Cavalry Sejuani when she’s released. 
Just like last time, to transfer go to the “Other” tab in the Store and select the Transfer to Russia item. Remember, that if you want to shift back, the regular price is 2600 RP. 
The promotion will last until the release of the 3.10 patch. We’ll let you know as soon as we have the exact date. We look forward to battling alongside you on the new server!"

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