7/17 PBE Update: Jayce, Olaf, Karma changes reverted.

Posted on at 3:29 AM by Moobeat
Just a quick note - The PBE was updated on ~7/17, reverting the current Olaf, Jayce, and Karma changes we've seen over the past few patches. This lines up with the announcement that they these changes will not be coming in the next patch.

Here's Xypherous commenting on the roll back for Jayce in particular:
"I rolled back the changes on Jayce because they're not going out for the 3.10 patch and the PBE is both a place for design experimentation and stability.

I'll be putting the Jayce stuff back in as soon as I can because I do want more feedback! (when this patch goes out, essentially)."

Also, Twisted Fate has a new passive on the PBE. 

Twisted Fate
  • Passive changed to : Upon Killing a unit, Twisted Fate rolls his 'lucky' dice and recieves anywhere between 1 and 6 bonus gold.

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