Solcrushed on Viktor: Bad news and new ideas.

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Bad news, good news time! Bad news is Solcrushed won't be moving forward with his previously announced plans to allow Viktor to merge his augments together. Good news is he's already tossed up some neat new ideas for our dear Machine Herald.
Continue reading for an update on Viktor, including a few tentative ideas on his augments.

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Solcrushed had some sour news to deliver on the recently discussed Viktor changes.
"Bad news guys :( 
The tech we need for the proposed iteration of Viktor will not be available for a long time (Think like S4) 
While I liked the direction, I do not want to delay this for that long and will be exploring other directions. I'll make another post later in the day about an iteration I am considering. Sorry guys :("

TL; DR: I suck"
When questioned what sort of new tech was needed, Solcrushed elaborated:
"It is different because Viktor will not have the recipes. 
i.e. Power upgrades into PowerGravity, Gravity upgrades into PowerGravity. But in either case, Viktor does not actually have the other Augment nor can he buy them.

This in the current store will require 2 separate items for the same one. Then multiply that by 3 for all the tier 2s and add another 3 for the tier 3 and you are looking at 10+ items for viktor alone, with half of them being duplicates."

Not all hope is lost though! Solcrushed later returned to the thread to drop off his newest idea for Viktor:
"So the iteration I'm tossing around in my head right now is something like this. 
1st tier: Similar to how it currently works on live (with some effects moved around etc.)
2nd tier: Grants a flagship unique item passive (that will not stack with said item in question) among those that are currently in the item shop, while increasing stats. 
For example. 
Power: Liandry's
Gravity: Rylai's
Death: Lich Bane 
This takes Viktor in a different direction from the previous iteration (where he became PERFECT) to more of a item master, more in the scientist-ish I would think. (The coolness factor being that Viktor will be the only one to have the passive with a unique mix of stats, for example he can have rylai's effect with CDR) What do you guys think?

p.s.: "I would prefer the previous iteration even with the wait" is also a great answer, please say so if you are more inclined in that way."

He did elaborate on his comment "will not stack with said item" by saying:
"It means you can't do double your AP damage on autos if you have AugDeath2 and Lichbane"
While it's important to remember this is an early idea, Solcrushed did comment on these new effects "matching up" with the old role of each augment - particularly the Liandry's effect on  Q rather than E.
"Good point, I haven't thought through this completely and Liandry's makes more sense on pokes. I was going to test an iteration for T1 where instead of the burn, the laser sweeps back (retracing its steps). If that works out Liandry's would make a lot of sense on E2"

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