New opportunity to go pro in the LCS

Posted on at 3:55 PM by Moobeat
Here's Riot's announcement regarding how the top ranked 5v5 ladder tteams can prove their mettle and earn a chance to compete during the 2014 LCS Spring Split!
"The 2013 summer path to pro continues with the Spring Promotion Tournament: PAX / Gamescom Qualifiers, taking place alongside the North American and European LCS Regional Playoffs. The winner of each event will earn themselves a spot in next season's Spring Promotion Tournament for a chance at becoming a professional LCS team in 2014's Spring Split. 
Your team can qualify by climbing to the top of the Ranked 5v5 Teams ladder and making it through the online tournament. The four semifinalist teams in North America will be flown to PAX in Seattle, while the European top four will be sent to Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, where they'll all compete in front of a live audience for one spot per region in next season's NA and EU Spring Promotion Tournaments. 
To qualify, make it to one of the top 16 eligible slots on the Ranked 5v5 ladder by July 26th at 12:00 PM PDT in NA or 12:00 CEST in EUW and EUNE. The online tournament will be streamed live on August 3rd and 4th, leading up to Gamescom from August 21-25 and PAX from August 30-September 1. 
And make sure to catch MLG Anaheim from June 28-30 to find out which Challenger team will win the first spot in the Spring Promotion Tournament for North America."

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