Morello's commentary on Fiora, a few patch 3.8 changes, and more.

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Need somethin' to hold you over while you wait for the release of 3.8 and Aatrox? Why not chow down on this here red post collection?
Continue reading for several red posts from Morello discussing Fiora, several bits from the upcoming patch 3.8, and more!

Fiora discussion

Morello replied to a few summoner questions on Fiora and if she will ever get buffs or changes.
"We don't have specific plans right now, but only due to workload. Some of our work on Yi will likely inform our work on Fiora (plus I still want something sexy for Riposte), but it's not our top priority currently."
He continued:
"A lot of it really is about Melee ADC qualities overall, which is a hard conversation to have as its little to do with her current stuff and more to do with "how do we make this work"?

She'd have the same skills, but power budget would be modified. Again, I do want to make Riposte way better."
He went on even further, saying that is' not about buffing the character but improving it.
"Yep. It's more noise tan truth that Fiora's bad. If you're sub-plat, play Fiora and win all you'd like.

This is more about improving the character, not buffing it. There's different levels of depth to the work and design for those."

Patch 3.8 Discussion
Responding to the patch 3.8 Annie Changes that aim to make Tibber's much tankier, Morello commented:
"We thought this was a cool way to give Annie some more unique, non 100-0 presence with taking towers and tanking objectives like Dragon. It's small, but one of those things that you can take advantage of that has a strategic niche."

As for Rengar changes and them making it into patch 3.8, Morello had this to say:
"They are not - we're testing them for balance currently, but it was definitely not balanced before 3.8 was locked"
He continued,  replying to a summoner asking to buff up his base stats while:
"Sorry, no. We want to fix the problem, not just make Rengar strong."

Morello also commented on why Hecarim received more nerfs despite the revolving door of balance changes he's received in over the last couple of patches.
"Sej and Hec are both really nasty - even in higher elos (Challenger included). This is why both were hit."

Speaking of nerfs, he also touched briefly on the Kha'Zix changes coming this patch:
""Watering it down" would actually make it flatter/easier. While I think casting Spikes while in air does feel good and responsive, it accidentally improves its power a lot. It also creates a weird missile issue that makes it lie to opposing players on its location a little - something that's inherent with how skills like this work.

I think a fair critique is that Kha'Zix will feel a little worse and less responsive when using these spells together, but these changes are to actually make his play more varied and robust. Void Spikes currently contains too much of the power budget."

Finally, when asked of Heimerdinger is now a top priority, Morello noted:
"As far as design-driven total reworks, yes he is. :)"

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