More on Sivir's VU, Xerath changes, and more.

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Continue reading for more from IronStylus on Sivir's future visual update, Xelnath talking more about the Xerath changes he's currently working on, and Morello commenting briefly on MR itemization.

More on Sivir 
As a follow up to all the Sivir visual update discussion that's been floating around the past few days ( First post here, second post here ), IronStylus is back with even more discussion about Sivir's aesthetics!
"Thanks for the interest in the thread and the kind words, I've seen a lot of them over the last couple of days and it's helped give me a bit of a jolt ;)

On the idea of maintaining/further pushing the mercenary angle I'm quite on board. I really like the idea that she is a gun (blade) for hire, that she's compelled by wealth, or the acquisition of wealth, possibly even a treasure seeker of some sort, someone who enjoys collecting the spoils of battle, or the wealth to be gained by a adventure. She's already ripe for that sort of story, let's capitalize on it. 
I can see her solo or even at the head of a mercenary band. I think there's aspects of a leader in her. Something involving possibly her the boastful and powerful mistress of battle at the head of a band of scoundrels, or opposite, honorable friends, seems fun.

Tropes that resonate I feel are, of course, the Xena one, possibly Sinbad, in the adventurer/seeker of wealth. 
There's been discussion about "why introduce story?" when we've created loose ends, or haven't yet continued stories in a meaningful way. I'm not going to go to far into it, but part of setting up an IP for further storytelling in the form of comics, shorts, animated series, live action movies, narrative driven game spin-offs, whatever, an IP must establish that groundwork of compelling stories with creating compelling characters. So when the time, if that time does arise, where suitable and deliverable vehicles can be spun up, we have a wealth of compelling characters that are primed to be introduced into a narrative format."
He continued:
"I like this a lot. I also like the idea of a Lara Croft angle. LC very much has her basics taken care of.. (at least in the movie, bleh, I know) but she's in it for the thrill. She's also boastful and attracted to beauty. 
I see a parallel in Sivir as well. An attraction towards baubles, opulence, the finer things. Also adventure. Facilitated by the fact that she's pretty well taken care of. I think she could even have a streak, as someone mentioned, of protecting a band of comrades, or tribe, or whatever. This ties her in and gives her purpose, on multiple levels. She needs options is how we see it.

I will say that the direction we will most likely take her is one which gives her weapon significance. Not necessarily significance as Sivir might realize at first. We want her at the surface to be interested in spoils/treasure/bounty, whatever rewards seem fit. We want her to regard it as a befitting trophy, weapon of choice, and item of ostentation. Whether some hidden significance of the weapon is apparent to her is something up for debate. I would prefer that people who posses something unique might not be privy to just how special it is. Not everything has to be Excalibur, handed directly to the character by the Lady of the Lake, but weapons/tools that have significance, based on the construction, choice, or power of the user (Jayce, Draven, Leona, etc) is compelling.

On the other hand, sometimes, like in the case of Darius, an axe is straight up just for dunking ;)"
As for the weapon in game, he also commented on how Sivir's weapon gets back to her.
"I'd love to figure out a logical way for the thing to get back to her. We're discussing possibilities with animations, but timing, especially if you build attack speed, probably wouldn't allow for a physical return at a fast enough pace. Not sure though. Maybe we'll come up with something inventive."
IronStylus also replied to a summoner who was concerned all this focus on the weapon is going to leave Sivir herself a little plain.
"We're of the opinion that it's Sivir herself that is the driving force over a weapon which only she commands. The weapon isn't what makes her, her. Sivir makes Sivir Sivir.

Some significance could also be derived from a unique weapon to give her spell shield an interesting reason to be, as some have suggested."
Lastly, he rounded things off by mentioning that, just like the other VUs, her skills will all be updated.
"As per usual, all the skins will get a pass. I'm actually using a couple to stretch my 3D skills. I think Spectacular Sivir will certainly need some love!

Obviously we're going to have to change a few things here and there to fit any new base geometry. I think also we can have some fun with the basic designs of the skin, get them feeling a little more special and polished."
More on Xerath Changes
Xelnath stopped by the forums again, talking more about the Xerath changes he introduced to the yesterday.

He started by discussing Xerath's visual connection to lightning as yesterday's peek at his upated particles were more beam-y then lightning-y.
"You know, the attachment to Lightning is a fair one. Let me elabourate on why we didn't keep the electrical theme. 
Xerath is a mage about overwhelming power. Destroy from from hopelessly far away, with erupting internal energy that is all about raw magic. However, when the character was initially created the particle artist who worked on him didn't know the engine well yet and could only make lightning. 
However, here's the important thing here: None of Xerath's abilities are mechanically connected to lightning. This means that while Xerath exists in this form, he's consuming a lot of the creative design space for a true electrical/storm mage.

My initial pass at Xerath actually involved making his Q arc between, replacing locus of power with a ground-placed relay beacon that bounced the lightning around, etc. However, we univerally agreed that wasn't Xerath. Xerath is not the ultimate lightning mage for league of legends. Xerath is about unleashing the raw power of magic.

I totally understand the attachment to his current VFX theme. However, we gain a ton of future opportunity by upgrading Xerath to electrically hinted plasma attacks."

When asked if Xerath's Q will give vision when shot into dark areas, he commented:
"Probably not sight, but I will at least give some audio feedback if you clip someone with Q."

Xelnath also shared that he brought in an experienced Xerath player to try out the changes early.
"I understand how nervous a lot of you guys are about change. It's healthy and natural to be afraid. I was very nervous about this rework too.

Then we brought in Morgaggeddon, a Xerath player with > 100 ranked games played on him to give some initial feel feedback on the revised Xerath by playing him against other Rioters in our daily playtests. If he's around, perhaps he'll feel comfortable talking about how the new Xerath felt as a player"

If you are interested in reading Morgaggeddon's, the summoner mentioned above as helping test out some of these changes, click here. It's rather lengthy and comprehensive.

Xelnath also reiterated his comment from yesterday:
" Please keep in mind, numbers tuning and balance have a long ways to go guys, so let's not fixate on those details yet."

Morello on MR Items
Morello had a few thoughts to share on the current lack of effective Magic Resist items, mentioning both his reservation to add more now that HP is more prevalent and his feeling that we currently lack a big ticket Magic Resist item.
"Xyph and I have been debating this one a bit. While I'm still considering a lot about MR (with Health being better, it does a lot to deal with many traditional mages), I think there's one definite problem at least; even if balanced, MR doesn't have any real big-ticket items to go "ya know, their Akali is really big and I need to deal with it" style items like Randuin's Omen. 
So, we're still talking about the raw balance (likely at least close), but I do agree MR doesn't feel as good as HP or armor."

He continued, agreeing with a summoner's statement that Void Staff is just very powerful at the moment.
"Agreed - it's not just an MR counter, but a solid straight damage item against lower MR teams"
When comparing Void Staff to Last Whisper, Morello commented:
"I'd say Void Staff is a bigger offender as MR is also less robust."

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