MMR (ELO) Boosting Punishments

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Riot has published an update on what they consider MMR ( ELO ) boosting, when a player logs into another players account with the intent to improve that player's ranked score, and what they are doing to combat would be MMR ( ELO ) boosters.
Continue reading for an explanation on why MMR boosting is a bad thing and what punishments will be dished out to those who are caught MMR boosting.

Here is WookieeCookie, a Player Support Lead, with the details:
"Hello Dudes and Dudettes! 
Let’s talk about something serious for a bit. MMR Boosting… also referred to as “Elo Boosting”. 
We’ve seen many in the community discuss their concerns about this practice. We haven’t commented too much about it because like a lot of things, we don’t want to speak before we’ve gotten all the necessary information. 
So here’s what’s up for Season 3 and the future:

MMR Boosting is an action where a player (The Booster) logs into another player’s account (The Boostee) with the specific purpose of improving the boostee account’s MMR. 
Well… that doesn’t sound too bad, right? Why punish boosting at all? MMR boosting may sound like a victimless crime, but it can have numerous negative effects on our game and our players. 
1) Our Leagues system has been carefully tuned so that players are placed in the proper tier with others who are within a similar skill level. If a player’s MMR is boosted unnaturally they will most definitely falter when they begin to play ranked at that tier. If a player is unable to keep up with the other higher MMR players in their match they will most certainly degrade the game experience for everyone involved. 
2) It takes hard work, commitment and buckets of blood, sweat and tears for players to earn a high ranking in League of Legends. MMR Boosting devalues the commitment that many of our players make to earn their rightful place among the world’s best League of Legends players. 
3) MMR Boosting endangers account security. One should never share their log-in information with another player, no exceptions. Many players have shared their information with a potential booster hoping to get a higher MMR only to find their account has now stolen and sold or traded to another player.

So what are we going to do about it? If an account is caught participating in MMR boosting (either as a Booster, or a Boostee) then the following punishments will be assigned: 
1) A two week account suspension in League of Legends. 
2) Removal of any prior Season’s Ranked Rewards (ie: Skins, Icons, Badges, etc) 
3) Disqualification from receiving the current season’s Ranked Rewards (ie: Skins, Icons, Badges, etc) 
4) Second time offenders' accounts will be permanently banned from League of Legends.

Over the last few weeks we have already begun processing punishments and we will continue to do so moving forward. We’re not going to make big announcements every time it happens, we won’t be listing those participating for everyone to see and there will not be any warnings preceding our judgments. 
If anyone has any additional questions or concerns I’ll keep an eye on this thread. Please keep in mind and be respectful of our no “Name and Shame” policy. If you believe someone is participating in boosting, this is not the place to report them.

However, I’m always happy to answer any other questions you might have about this effort."

 He also responded to a summoner's question if queuing with friends in significantly lower tiers would get you in trouble.
"Nope! Duo queuing with a player of higher MMR or Ranked Tier does not constitute boosting.

We are specifically targeting players who share their account information with another person so that the second person can log-in and play ranked games resulting in a higher MMR."
Although he did add:
"We don't encourage duo queuing with another player with a much significantly higher MMR then you. However, we do not consider this to be MMR Boosting."

When asked if playing together a LANs will get you in trouble, WookieeCookie responded:
"We know that a lot of our players like to visit friend's houses or have LAN sessions for League of Legends. This is totally legit, and encouraged!

Our process will exclude cases like these from punishment considerations."

He simplified it and put worries to ease by saying:
"...If you're not sharing your account information with someone else in order to raise your MMR, you don't have to worry."

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