Damiya comments on PVP.net Client and the future.

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While we get a lot of red posts about game design, balance changes, and lore, it's rare we actually hear much about the technical side of things ( aside from server problems that is! ). As such, I'm delighted to share this bundle of red posts regarding the infamous PVP.net client.
Continue reading for several blurbs about the state of the PVP.net client and what the future holds.

Initially responding to a thread begging for revisions and remakes to the PVP.net client, Damiya made a few comments of interest regarding the client and Adobe Air, the system used to run the client.
"Please feel free to share more things you'd like to see in the client; while I'm one of the more active PVP.Net Developers who posts, everyone on the team keeps an eye on the forums :) 
A couple of these sound like bugs, so I'll follow up with a QA resource to make sure they're properly investigated and triaged.

I can't comment on any plans regarding sweeping updates, but I will say that improving the quality and responsiveness of the client is something that everyone on the team remains committed to. Expect some more on that front in the near future :)"
She also commented that moving away from Adobe Air is not currently on the table.
"There are no current plans to move away from Air."
Fielding a request that more easy accessible lore be worked into the client, Damiya commented:
"We're aggressively exploring options to improve the presentation of lore in PVP.Net. I feel like Freljord was just the tip, as they say. Of the iceberg, that is :) 
I'm a huge fan of the stuff Kitae's team is doing :) "

To wrap things up, Damiya stood in defense of Adobe Air, addressed what the actual problems with PVP.net are, and revealed an change coming in a future patch.
"I'll be the first to admit there are some problems with the client as it exists right now, but Air (and more specifically the Flash ecosphere) is not the culprit. PVP.Net is a complex piece of software that has to be shipped out to over 30 million people twice a month (more or less); improving legacy code designed for a more humble 10 thousand players is somewhat akin to replacing parts of an airplane engine... While midflight, over the Atlantic, at about 35 thousand feet. It's a delicate process, and the number one priority is ensuring the continued stability of the player experience. 
That said, the process of improving parts is ongoing; the Login screen was reworked a few months back, and with the 3.9 PBE patch, we'll be rolling out a rewrite of the view code for the Runes screen; it should be more responsive and less buggy.

Keep an eye on the PBE forums for more info on that in the near future :)"

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