[ Updated ] Aatrox Accidentally Available early, Morello on Sivir, IronStylus on Female Monster Archetypes

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Update: Added more from IronStylus.

While the first week of the NA LCS Summer Split is still underway, I have a small red post collection for you in case you need to take a break from all the action.
Continue reading for several posts, including Aatrox accidently being made available early ( now fixed ), Morello touching briefly on Sivir, and IronStylus sharing his thoughts on female monster archetypes.

Aatrox Accidentally Available for RP Only
It appears that Aatrox was accidently made available on EUNE for RP only. This error has since been remedied but has left a lot of players curious and players who bought him during that time but can't play him.

Here is Chager with the details:
"Howdy all, 
While we were prepping Aatrox for live release on our stores, the champ only was turned on accidentally for a brief time for purchase. Because we want everyone to enjoy him at the same time, we've turned him off in the store and disabled him in champ select. We'll turn him back on and will re-activate him in champ select (for those few folks who purchased him early) when he's officially released.

Panic also commented on the situation, saying:
"Hey Summoners. There was a technical error and Aatrox was made available for a small period of time only for RP.

Aatrox has been taken out of the store. Once he will be ready for release, he will be again available in the store and will be available for both RP and IP. Sorry for the mix up."
Sivir's Range Not Going Up
 Morello briefly commented on his plans for Sivir, saying:
"I have some secret Sivir plans, but they: 
* Are not for several patches
* Will not likely increase her range.

More Female Monster Archetypes?
Here is IronStylus sharing this thoughts on the female monster archetype, including his opinion on "girls in costume" types.
"So.. we talkin' Anivia 'n such as well? There's a few things in the works that would qualify here. I myself am very much for pushing the boundaries in what we'd consider monstrous females. In my opinion we probably could have gone crazier with Zyra and Elise especially. We've milked the "girl in a costume" thing pretty dry and we need to look towards character design rather than costume design. 
We'll certainly still have women in costume, but I'd personally like us to push past the human barrier if we're going to do monster/creature females.

One of the reasons that I'd love us to not be relegated to humanoids for such female creatures is that characters like Zyra and Elise can be problematic when making skins. There's not a ton of features or large distinguishing parts of their bodies that can serve as landmarks for change. If we're unable to make some distinct silhouette or fairly massive internal detail breakups, the changes in the skin don't end up feeling as impactful.

So yeah. There's some stuff in the works. I think it fits the bill, but it'll probably be a while for the pipeline to spit it all out."
As a follow up to a summoner who broke the situation down as: "Focus too much on the girl part, and it we get more Zyras, just a hot chick dressed up funny. Focus more on the monster part, we get Anivia, where the only "Female" indication we have is the voice. Might as well made it male for all the difference it makes.". IronStylus agreed:
"Good breakdown of the challenge at hand."

Update: He continued, referencing this all as a challenge in character identity.
"It's a challenge with identifiability. In the past we've struggled with "How do we make a creature champion which is identifiable as a character?" Recently, we said.. well, that's sort of a dumb rule. It doesn't help to restrict ourselves in any regard. Sexuality, whether we feel someone can identify with it, etc. It's about fulfilling a fantasy. 
Yeah, you might not be like.. "I UNDERSTAND THIS GROTESQUE THING OF TERROR AND WISH TO KNOW WHAT IT'S FEELINGS ARE!" But more like.. "Oh man, I want to play as that grotesque thing in order to melt faces!" That's the goal I think we should be striving for. We struggled a lot with Skarner being like, "Eh, he doesn't feel like a character, what can we do to make him feel like one?" That just ended up in a lot of confusion, and we went a little tryhard in his VO. Yes, I feel for you giant crystal scorpion of sadness, but really I just want to snare people into a teamfight. 
So, abandoning that mentality of "THIS MUST SPEAK TO MY HEART!" has been sort of put aside. We've come up with some neat ideas because of that and some future creature champions should feel a lot more along the lines of what a thread like this is asking for.

Might not specifically hit the female thing, but it does address the general desire for more off-the-wall monstrous champions."

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