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Since his encounter with the nerf bat several patches ago, Rengar has been in pretty unsatisfying state. Lucky for us, Classick popped into the forums earlier to share some details on a set of upcoming balance changes for Rengar!
Continue reading for a handful of posts discussing the current plans for The Pridestalker!

Here is Classick kicking things off by discussing a few of the tentative changes and giving context to what each one aims to accomplish.
"I may not be Morello, but figured I can provide some insight on the Rengar changes for you guys :). 
The main point to emphasize is that we're not trying to change Rengar's feel at all. What we do want to change is some of the not so appreciated components of Rengar that make him difficult to balance.

One of these problems is the fact that his Ferocity effects are more powerful based on the rank of the spell. As seen since Rengar's release, builds that capitalize on double casting the ability you're maxing has been problematic (early double Q all-in builds/Tank splitpush double W build). The current solution for this problem is scaling his Ferocity effects with his level across the board (like his heal currently does).

This will make the Ferocity effects equal in power regardless of what you are maxing, allowing you to choose the Ferocity effect that is best suited for the situation you are in instead of being obligated to use whatever spell you have the most points in. This will also allow us to put more power into his base stats and base abilities which should help with his jungle clear. 
Another change we're currently looking at is tweaking how his ultimate works. Currently Rengar jumps at you out of no where and it's very hard to react to him because there's not much information being conveyed to the opponent. Now when Rengar activates his ultimate all enemies that Rengar sees will be made aware that he's in the area. What this does is gives the opponent more information so that they can react to the situation.

With this change it allows us to put a lot more power into the ultimate, increasing the duration and speed. While Rengar may lose the ability to jump on an unsuspecting enemy, it enables him to create really cool mind games and toy with his opponents which we've seen from internal testing. On top of that Rengar can get to a location much quicker and stay in stealth much longer retaining the feel of hunting down wounded opponents or scouting an area for priority targets.

Nothing here is set in stone but it's currently the direction we're going, hopefully that helps shed some light on the upcoming Rengar changes."

He elaborated:
"The current idea is adjusting the values of the Ferocity effects to scale with his level, so similar to the heal on his W the damage for the Ferocity abilities will scale with his level. We can also use other tools such as AD scaling for Ferocity Q which scales with the game as you get more items, but leveling up Q will not affect the damage of your Ferocity Q. This will give the Ferocity effects a smoother curve throughout the game."

Touching further on his ultimate, Classick continued:
"From internal testing most of the feedback has actually been that his ultimate feels much better than what it currently is on live. We were able to put a lot more power into it which made it feel much more ultimate, and allowing new strategies now that he has the ability to play mind games and create a large presence in team fights."

When asked if post changes Rengar will be tanky or more of an assassin, he replied:
"The goal is to be able to choose which path you want to go based on what you rank / choose to use for Ferocity / items built. With these changes where we can achieve a better balance for Rengar we can make his assassin build more viable as it won't create nearly as toxic of an experience."

( Sorry about the tardiness on this one. Totally got caught up in all the Gun Templar hype )

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