Udyr's and "priming" Tiger Stance change in last patch

Posted on at 6:06 PM by Moobeat
In patch 3.6, Udyr received a number of changes to his Tiger Stance, including an unlisted change that you can no longer "prime" Tiger stance's on next hit bonus damage. This means you can no longer switch into Tiger then immediately switch to something else, intending to save the bonus damage from Tiger Stance for use while in another stance.

Volty confirmed this is an intended change, saying:
"Yes, this is intended. The temporary attack speed from Tiger Stance lasts 5 seconds, swap stance or not, but the first attack bonus can only be applied if you are still in Tiger Stance. Upcoming changes to the tooltips and buffs will make this more clear."

Statikk then elaborated: 
"Sorry guys, I'd like to start by apologizing because we definitely screwed up here both in terms of what we put into the game and what we failed to communicate out to you guys, but let me clarify what is and what is not intended with Udyr's Tiger Stance. 
What Is Intended: - Udyr can "prime" Tiger Stance's damage-over-time proc indefinitely as long as he remains in Tiger Stance
- Tiger Stance's Attack Speed bonus carries over into other Stances 
What Is Not Intended: - Udyr should not be able to use Tiger Stance's damage-over-time proc while in other Stances 
With the new patch, we removed his ability to get the Tiger first hit proc unless he used it within the first 5 seconds of being in Tiger Stance. This is not intended. Udyr's first hit after switching into Tiger Stance should proc the DoT regardless of how long he has been in Tiger Stance, but the instant he switches out of it he will not be able to proc it. 
I know removing the ability to proc the Tiger DoT while in other stances is a nerf, but it is intended. Frankly, it doesn't make sense for him to apply his Tiger hit in other Stances from several perspectives (gameplay, visuals, or thematics). Tiger's proc, Bear's stun, and Phoenix's Flame Breath are all intended to be local to those stances. At the end of the day, if the only reason to use Tiger is to switch into it and then immediately switch out of it...that seems to point to a core problem that Tiger Stance is simply not attractive enough on its own. So we'll deal with that if that's an issue. 
TL;DRWe will be giving Udyr back the ability to prime his DoT indefinitely as long as he remains in Tiger Stance. Removing the ability to proc the Tiger DoT while in a different Stance is an intended change."

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