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Update: Added several additional red posts!

Riot has unveiled their plans, and a beta, for a massive overhaul to the main League of Legends website!
Visit the beta version of the new and improved site here or continue reading for Riot's news release on it. I've also added several red posts to the bottom of the page!

Here is RiotChris with the details on and goals behind the new site:
"Welcome to the new LeagueofLegends.com beta 
It’s been over three years since we launched the original League of Legends website, so we thought it was about time for an upgrade. A lot’s changed since then – both on the web and on the Fields of Justice – so we wanted to build a new site capable of supporting the wider range of content we’re releasing these days. The site’s now in beta, and we’re eager to hear your thoughts on the new look and feel. You’ll find some of the major updates outlined below.

Why the new look?
League of Legends is always evolving and changing, but this is the first major renovation we’ve made since the beginning of Season One. The old website had a few quirks that made it tough to find content, so we wanted more streamlined navigation that pushed community interaction. Here’s what you can expect from some of the more major changes.

Streamlined navigation

On light news days, between three and five League of Legends newsposts hit the website, which can make it really hard to locate anything after it falls off the front page. Since a huge portion of you view the news each day (all with different interests) we want to make sure you’re finding the content you want to view. For this reason, we switched to a clearer, visual way to access news, along with new methods for finding older articles.

Focused design

The old site’s nav had a ton of stuff competing to grab your attention, which made it pretty hard to spot what you were looking for. In the new layout we cleaned up the nav to prioritize news, game info and community content. Articles also came in all different shapes, sizes and formats, many of which didn’t really support their content. The new site is designed to feature articles backed up by vibrant art and videos.

Community content
The community portal’s a prime example of something that was pretty hard to find in the old design. Since players like you are the lifeblood of League of Legends, we’d like the new site to give you even more ways to interact with one another. The community’s now front and center – all content and programs are on the main nav. Whether you want to check out the awesome player-made stuff, or participate in some cool community activities, we hope you’ll find it easier to connect with your fellow summoners.

We're just getting started! 

We know big changes like this can be jarring at first, but we think you’ll find the new site supports a wide variety of new experiences and content types. Also, it’s still beta – there are more improvements coming before release! Your feedback’s an important part of getting everything shipshape and ready for launch, so be sure to report bugs, suggest new features and comment on the design.

RiotAether also commented:
"With the new tech implemented in the site, content like the champion info pages should be updated much more efficiently with more information than before (eg. Lissandra's page)

That said, if you find anything off or out of place, please let us know!"

Kitae also had words to share about the shiny new champion profile page.
"Hey guys, 
The League of Legends beta website was launched recently, with sexy new champion profile pages. This included new information we haven't previously shown about champions. In the new page, we are explicitly calling out Friends, Rivals and champion Factions. There have been a bunch of questions about this page, including why some information on there seems strange (like Cassiopeia being from Shurima instead of Noxus). I'm here to introduce the changes, and also explain why you are seeing some weirdness. 
We wanted to call out champion factions in the new web site to help players easily understand which champions have ties to specific regions of Runeterra. Not all champions are members of factions - for example, Brand is independent.
Some champions are members of multiple factions. For example, Udyr is associated with both Freljord and Ionia. A bug is currently stopping us from displaying multiple factions for a single champion (sorry - it is a beta!) but we're fixing that. I'll ask Harrow to post a list of all the dual faction champions. 
Being a member of the same faction is not the same thing as being allied or being friends - for example, both Riven and Singed are associated with Noxus, but they’re not friends.
Being a member of a faction also doesn't mean that you were born there. For example, Gragas is part of the Freljord faction, but he wasn't born there. 
Some factional associations may surprise players. For example, Cassiopeia is known to be associated with Noxus, but now we are revealing she has ties to Shurima as well (Noxus is currently bugged on her profile page). What we're doing here is being open with players, letting you know our plans for future stories involving our champions. The story of Cass journeying to Shurima, for example, is pretty badass. Every factional association on the web site will be backed up with story. 
We wanted to call out more relationships between champions. With the friends relationship, we're listing champions who enjoy each other's company. We're purposefully revealing new relationships we haven't revealed before here. 
Many champions fight for the same cause, or are allies, but are not necessarily friends. For example, Vayne and Garen would generally fight on the same side of any battle, but that doesn't make them friends.

Some champions are very friendly (like Tristana), we chose to focus on closest friendships for champions like these. Other champions (like Mordekaiser) may not even be able to feel the emotion of friendship in the way we might, but there are still those to who they feel a certain bond and loyalty. Dr. Mundo is actually friends with himself... but... well... he's Mundo. 
Not every friendship will necessarily be backed up with lore. Gragas and Tryndamere are listed as friends because they are drinking buddies, but we won't necessarily write a story about that (but we might). Friendships may also be updated from time to time as we get a better understanding of our champions and their relationships. 
Rivals are people who have strong, personal, negative or competitive feelings for one another. We chose this relationship over enemies, because rivalry is much more deep and personal. Garen and Katarina are rivals for example, and their conflict goes far beyond simple Demacian/Noxian hatred. 
Some characters like Brand want to burn... everyone. This doesn't make everyone his rival, because the relationship isn't personal. But Lissandra... there the relationship is personal. 
Some characters like Singed are broadly despised. We chose the strongest relationship in this case to list as rivalries. 
Rivals don't necessarily hate each other. Darius and Draven are rivals, but they'd also die for one another. 
Like friendships, not every rivalry will necessarily be explained through lore. Jax and Fiora are both master duelists, but we won't necessarily tell the story of how they become rivals (though maybe we will!). We will also update rivalries from time to time as we get a better understanding of our champions and their relationships. 
This is also a BETA 
Not all information on the web site is final, we're still debating a few points and tuning the data for a few champions. There also may be some bugs.
We will be watching the forums so feel free to share your ideas or speculate.

Our hope is to bring additional information to the web site in the future, to make it easier for players to learn about champions, their stories, relationships and the world they live in."

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