Red Post Grab Bag: Future Dominion Changes for ToG/RoA, Air Client Woes, PBE Item Set Updates, and Update on Ward Tracking

Posted on at 10:44 PM by Moobeat
While you'll have to wait another day for patch 3.7, you won't have to wait any longer for a red post collection.
Continue reading for red posts regarding a latest update to item sets on the PBE, upcoming Dominion specific PBE changes for Tear of the Goddess and Rod of Ages, a few brief comments about the Air Client, and an update on where those ward wracking stats are.

Item Sets Updated on PBE
RiotBoourns posted on reddit earlier today, inviting players to try their hand at the latest iteration of the upcoming custom item sets feature.
"Our latest build of item sets is now on PBE. There are some small changes to how your item set list works and visual improvements. You can also stack items like pots and wards, and they will respect in game stack limits. We haven't seen too much feedback on this feature yet, but I know it's something that's been asked for quite often. So go play with it and try to break it!"
For those interested, he also shared a few updated images

This feature is still available for testing on the PBE.

Future PBE Changes for ToG and RoA on Dominion
Super Nomegeta ( the dashing Rioter formerly known as Riot Nome ) posted earlier today about his plans to buff Tear of the Goddess, Manamune, Archangel's Staff, and Rod of Ages on Dominion.
"For those coming in from a red tracker, this is for Dominion only! 
Tear of the Goddess + Manamune: 8 mana per charge (SR: 4)
Archangel's Staff: 10 mana per charge (SR: 6)
Rod of Ages: 40 seconds per charge (SR: 60)

Champions with persistent drain effects (Singed, Amumu, Swain, Karthus) will charge the new Tear extremely quickly, but it should still help other champs out a bit. Feedback is welcome!"

What do guys think of these changes? Is it enough to make those items more appealing on Dominion? Be sure to visit the Dominion forums and share your ideas!

On the topic of Dominion balance, Super Nomegeta also has a thread open for the discussion of mage itemization  Check it out here.

Air Client Woes
The air client, that is the client we use to get on, look at our profiles, and find games, has always been a point of contention among summoners. It can be unstable, has been known to crash frequently, and has just always been sort of a jerk. 

Within a thread discussing said Air client issues,  Damiya stepped in to share her thoughts on the situation and remind us that Riot isn't simply ignoring the problem: 

"I feel your pain on the crashes guys, I do. We're always looking for ways to correct any errant crashes, and whenever we get something concrete that we can work with, it's assigned the highest priority. 
WhattayaBrian's explanation is far more eloquent than I could manage; there's a lot of passionate people on the Riot team who are all committed to delivering the best player experience. Everyone plays the game on a daily basis, from Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill all the way down to that one QA dude who started last Friday. I can't speak to long term strategy or the reason why decisions were made long before I got here but I can say that the process of improving the quality of our Front End is ongoing. 
The Item Sets feature is on PBE, there's a whole new replay system that has a bunch of Air client tech, and we recently replaced the Login screen (cleaning up a buncha messy things and getting rid of that ever-frustrating "The server is busy" dialog). In 3.7 the team has upgraded the Air SDK and moved away from the Adobe Debug Launcher; that should provide some gains in both stability and performance.

None of this makes up for the frustration of seeing "Adobe debug launcher has stopped responding" when you go to view the profile of your favorite Pro or Challenger Tier player. But you're not alone in that frustration, and there's a lot of really smart people doing their best to ease that pain in ways both big and small."
Where is Ward Tracking?
Xelnath also posted a follow up to his previous post about adding in ward tracking statistics to the game.
"We are tracking Ward Stats. However, we haven't hooked them up to the post-game screen.

There's currently no schedule for doing so, but we can do it when the time is right."

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