Potential Changes to Madred's / Wriggles Poll and Bye Bye Achievements tab.

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While Patch 3.7 is still a few hours away, I happen to have a small red post collection you can enjoy right now!
Continue reading for a series of posts discussing some potential changes to Madred's Razors and Wriggles Latern, as well as a small quip about custom item sets replacing the unused achievements tab on player profiles.

Potential Changes to Madred's / Wriggles
Statikk stopped by the forums today to present summoner with an interesting question: Why do you want to see happen with Madred's Razors or Wriggles Lantern? He posed this question in the form of a forum poll.

The poll options where as follows:
"Hey all, 
Just wanted to ask those of you who use Madred's Razors or Wriggle's Lantern, what direction you would like us to take the Maim passive proc? 
I've attached a poll here. Feel free to both vote and post below describing why you chose that option.

Note: the numbers used in the poll are not finalized and would be subject to iterative changes."
He then elaborated in each option, saying:
"I'll post a little more in-depth about the variants to give some more explanations. 
1) Every basic attack deals 125 bonus magic damage 
This is very straighforward. This makes the mechanic very consistent and reliable, but does remove those big chunks of damage. It would also probably have to be nerfed / removed for minion use due to lane implications as pointed out earlier in the thread. It may also need to be nerfed for monsters slightly due to it doing much less useless overkill damage. 
2) Every 4th basic attack deals 500 bonus magic damage 
This removes the randomness of the proc and retains the big bursts of damage. This version allows players to optimize the proc through techniques such as "priming" where you can say build up stacks before a Baron steal and then use it with Smite when you go in. Due to the fact that the proc would be more controllable and have higher optimization patterns, we would likely have to nerf the proc damage to say 400. 
3) Every 4th consecutive basic attack within the next 3 seconds deals 500 bonus magic damage 
This has similar gameplay to #2 except it removes the optimization patterns described above. This means we would be much less likely to nerf the damage. 
4) 25% chance to deal 500 bonus magic damage

This is just the current one on Live."

Statikk also explained the intent behind wanting to change Wriggles, saying:
"Mainly we want to increase the consistency of the item. We don't really like the idea of Dragon fight being extremely easy or impossible due to an insane lucky or unlucky streak. We like the idea that good junglers are able to gauge when they can and cannot accomplish objectives and use their knowledge to optimize their gameplay."

Bye Bye Achievements Tab
As you may have heard, patch 3.7 is introducing the new custom item sets feature. This feature allows players to create custom item sets in the air client, save them based on map or champion, and then access them in in game. This feature is housed in the player profile page and it replaces the old achievement tab, which has been disabled since LoL launched.

Here is Damiya sharing her thoughts on this replacement and the future of achievements.
"Keep in mind that the Achievements tab has been sitting there for a very, very long time without being touched. Item Sets are an excited new feature, and logically they fit best into the Profile alongside other customization processes like Runes/Masteries. 
We're still actively evaluating the benefits and risks of incorporating achievements into a team-based, competitive game like League and didn't want to let that stop us from taking advantage of that tabular real estate."

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