New Champion & Skin Sale: 5/17 - 5/20

Posted on at 9:55 AM by frostyNinja
Ahoy summoners! Are ye ready for yet another champion and skin sale? Starting May 17th till May 20th you'll be able to pick up Void Nocturne for 260 RP, Myrmidon Pantheon for 260 RP, Pentakill Karthus for 375 RP as well as Brand for 440 RP, Twitch for 395 RP and Taric for 292 RP.
Words and fancy splashes just don't make it for you? Continue reading for previews of the skins which will be up for grabs for half their price during this sale.

Void Nocturne (260 RP)

Myrmidon Pantheon (260 RP)

Pentakill Karthus (375 RP)

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