LCS Summer Promotion Tournament - Europe

Posted on at 3:53 AM by Seranaya
Alright, the European Summer Promotion tournament is under way! Are you ready to find out who is going to be a part of the summer split? I sure am, can't wait!
Continue reading for information on schedules, VODs, and more!

So how this works is easy. Four of the LCS teams are fighting for their place in the LCS! They have to battle it out with eight challenger division teams. First, the eight challenger teams play each other in best of three matches. Once there are only four challenger teams left they move on to play for a spot in the LCS against the four LCS teams that are up for elimination.

Want to know who's playing? I've got you covered. MeetYourMakersDexterisactuallyevil , Team Alternate, Wizards Club, Sinners Never Sleep, TCM Gaming, Samurai in Jeans, Anexis eSports, Dragonborns, Ozone GIANTS, Against All Authority, and Copenhagen Wolves. Advanced scheduling can be find over at the fabulous .

*Note: The schedules got messed up pretty bad due to some technical problems.

Friday's schedule:

( W ) Meet Your Makers vs. Dexterisactuallyevil ( L )
11:00 CEST

Sunday's schedule:

( W ) Team Alternate vs. Wizards Club ( L )
11:00 CEST

( W ) Sinners Never Sleep vs. TCM Gaming ( L )
12:00 CEST

( W ) Samurai in Jeans vs. Anexis eSports ( L )
15:00 CEST

( L ) Ozone GIANTS vs Team Alternative ( W )
18:00 CET

Monday's schedule:

( L )Against All Authority vs. Sinners Never Sleep ( W )
8:00 CEST

( W ) Copenhagen Wolves vs Samurai in Jeans ( L )
14:00 CET

( L ) Dragonborns vs. Meet Your Makers ( W )
19:00 CEST
As always, be sure to check out for more information on teams, matches, and more!

Need a look into the past for VODs and results? Look no further!

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