Korean all-stars head to Shanghai

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We've already met our EU and NA All-star teams and now it's time to take a look at the five players that make up the Korean All-star team!

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Continue reading for more information on each of the players.

Here is RiotMagus with brief introductions for each of the KR all-star players:

"The 2013 League of Legends All-Star Weekend takes place in Shanghai from May 24 to May 26. Five teams representing the pro leagues in North America, Europe, China, Korea and Southeast Asia/Taiwan will clash at the Shanghai Grand Stage. 
There are five regions attending, but only the top four will claim a bye for their region's top seed into the quarterfinals at the Season 3 World Championship. The team that wins it all also secures a coveted extra spot for their region at the Championship to go along with bragging rights as best pro region in the world at the break. 
During the weeks leading up to the event, we'll introduce each of the five teams traveling to China. We tallied your votes and the team is set; now let's meet the players from Korea: 
Leading all roles in all regions with an unprecedented 80% of the vote, Hong "MadLife" Min-gi from CJ Entus Frost needs no introduction. Widely considered the best support player in the world, videos of MadLife dominating his position have turned heads for years. Heading to China at the height of his powers, MadLife looks to cement his reputation as the "God of Grabs". 
Joining him in the duo lane is Kim "PraY" Jong, NaJin Sword's potent AD carry. PraY demonstrated clear mastery of the metagame in Season 2 and has continued his success in Season 3. With his aggressive AD play and intense drive, PraY's prepared to show opponents in China there's only one thing left to do. 

Park "Shy" Sang-myeon is no stranger to all-star quality play. Earning MVP awards from multiple tournament circuits since 2012 including IGN and IEM, CJ Entus Frost's top laner garnered even more attention by consistently shutting down well-known top players like MaKNooN. With all of the talent assembled at the All-Star Event, Shy is certain to seize the opportunity to assert his top lane dominance. 
Representing Korea and CJ Entus Blaze, Kang "Ambition" Chan-yong heads to China as the mid-lane player. His pool of champions rivals any of the players heading to Shanghai, and his sharp mechanics reinforced his solid play throughout the summer. Seeking to test his mettle against Alex Ich and the strongest mid lane players from around the globe, Ambition will attempt to live up to his nickname and help lead Korea to victory. 
When Choi "inSec" In-seok first brought Zed to the competitive jungle scene, he reinvigorated the carry jungle style. With many of the best junglers in the world eschewing champions like Evelynn or Kha'zix in favor of tankier, high-utility champs like Jarvan IV or Volibear, inSec stands out for his unique style and overpowering play. Whatever strategy the team determines for Shanghai, expect opponents to know that KT Rolster B's jungler is on the prowl. 
Check out the video above to find out what All-Star selection means to your favorite players and remember to watch the All-Star games live from Shanghai starting on May 24 at www.lolesports.com.

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