Ionia 2013 Tournament Information

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***UPDATED*** For those with partial teams and solo players looking for teams, please check the form and link at the beginning of the post!

Due to popular demand, we are releasing the full announcement page the 5v5 Summoner's Rift Tournament!

All the information regarding S@20's Ionia 2013 Tournament can be found >>HERE<< on this separate page dedicated just for this event! Alternatively continue reading for more information!

***UPDATE: Finding a Team, or Finding a Player***------------------------------------------------

So finding teams via the commenting system and in-game chat channel seem a little rough. Thanks to Raid, we now have a form that a partial team, or a solo player looking for more members, can fill out to let the Community know they need more members!

Fill out >>THIS FORM<< if you are a partial team looking for more, or a solo player looking for a partial team. (it's the same form)

To find a team, check out >>THIS LINK<< for a spreadsheet of teams looking for more, or solo players looking for a team. You will see a list of Summoner's Name or Team Captain's names as a point of contact. It's up to you to contact these people with the Summoner Names provided!

Teams will be chosen randomly to avoid camping the "Send Email" button as soon as sign-ups open. Once registration closes, we will generate our list and inform the teams in the top 128 that they will be participating in the event. The list will also be posted on the Tournament Page.

To accommodate the significant increase of teams able to since up for this tournament from our last event, we will be introducing our Qualifier Rounds. There will be 4 Qualifier Rounds in which teams are given the means to contact their opposing team and independantly schedule their Best of 1 game. More information about this regarding means of contact and how to report a win can be found on the Tournament Page.

The Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals will be streamed and shoutcasted for interested viewers out there! All dates, times and scheduling can be found at the bottom of the Tournament Page.

Thank you for your continued interest! Should you have any questions, you can contact one of the following:

Nurse Flan - or @MBFlan
VanityCrysis - or @VanityCrysis
(Please be aware that these are not the emails that take registration forms.)

While you're at it, check out the Twitters or the rest of the S@20 Crew! (especially Moobeeb, he has a lot of behind-the-scenes shenannigans that go on his Twitter!)
Moobeat - @moobeat
Seranaya - @SeranayaLoL
frostyninja - @Fr0styNinja
DrFrank - @DocFrenk
SrGrimm - @SrGrimm
SkinSpotlights - @SkinSpotlights
woops - @woops_lol

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