Ghost Bride Morgana haunting soon

Posted on at 4:07 PM by Moobeat
It turns out that La Llorona Morgana's official name is going to be "Ghost Bride Morgana". Here is Riot's English preview of the skin, complete with some images of her beautifully spooky spell effects.

"The legend of 'La Llorona' is emerging from the river in the form of Ghost Bride Morgana. This haunting take on the Fallen Angel captures the mournful tale of the weeping bride. Tapping into a rich vein of shared cultural history, Ghost Bride Morgana is the launch skin for Latin America. Prepare to celebrate the Latin American server launch and chain yourself to this spectral interpretation of the haunting legend."

In terms of an ETA, RiotVox commented:
"PBE should be soonish, but in terms of when we'll see it in NA, that is pending on when the LatAM servers officially launch. Basically, we just wanted to make this announcement to reassure everyone that we, too, will be getting the skin. I know sometimes players see the announcement happen in another region and ask "are we getting it too?" We wanted to address that, and let our players know that all of our players in every region will be getting this skin!"

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