Garena all-stars head to Shanghai

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With NA, EU, and Korean teams out of the way, let's meet the Garena all-star team!
Continue reading for Riot's introduction post for Garena's All-Star team.

Here is Magus with the low down on Garena's All-star team:

"The 2013 League of Legends All-Star Weekend takes place in Shanghai from May 24 to May 26. Five teams representing the pro leagues in North America, Europe, China, Korea and Southeast Asia/Taiwan will clash at the Shanghai Grand Stage.

There are five regions attending, but only the top four will claim a bye for their region's top seed into the elimination stage at the Season 3 World Championship. The region that wins it all also secures the right to send one extra team to battle at the Championship, along with bragging rights as best pro region in the world at the break.

With the tournament drawing ever closer, it's time to meet the players from Garena:
Long before a certain European Jungler began advocating fitness, Wong "Chawy" Xing Lei from the Singapore Sentinels was well known for his dedication to the gym and staying in shape. Ever the versatile pro, Chawy has alternated between Mid Lane and AD Carry for the Sentinels over the last two seasons. Heading into Shanghai, look for Chawy to break out a variety of champions in the bot lane alongside MiSTakE.

When Chen "MiSTakE" Hui Chung left the Taipei Assassins to join the Taipei Snipers, he brought with him leadership and creative shot-calling. His 4.7 KDA ratio during the Taiwan eSports League is just one aspect of his play that demonstrates his ability to stay active through all stages of the game -- even sacrificing his life for his teammates if necessary. Joined by Chawy in bot lane, it's likely MiSTakE will be vocal and intensely focused throughout the All-Star Event.

Jason "HaRleLuYaR" Koh Wei Hao will handle the jungle for the all-stars. Excited for the opportunity to represent the region in Shanghai, HaRleLuYaR will bring a potent initiation jungle style to the event. Not even 20 years old, he's been making waves for the Singapore Sentinels throughout the GPL season and will attempt to port that success over for the Garena all-stars.
Averaging fewer than two deaths per game, Kurtis "Toyz" Lau will arrive in Shanghai having won 27 out of 28 games in the GPL. His astounding 9.0 KDA ratio and 410 GPM averages leave no doubt regarding his strength in the mid lane. Whatever champion he pilots, Toyz presents a threat to every lane, often appearing without warning to jump on his victims from the brush. With Toyz in the mid lane, Azubu Taipei Assassins only lost a single game; expect the Garena All-Star Team to try and do one better.

Like his Mid counterpart Toyz, the Azubu TPA's Top Laner averaged fewer than two deaths per game. Wang "Stanley" June Tsan matched his teammate in another area as well, sporting a sterling 8.25 KDA ratio throughout the GPL season heading into Shanghai. Known for his theory-crafting, Stanley has no doubt devised a number of innovative strategies for the team to use in China. No less famous for his eclectic champion picks, All-Star Weekend promises to be a worldwide showcase for Stanley.

Check out the video above to find out what All-Star selection means to your favorite players and remember to watch the All-Star games live from Shanghai starting on May 24 at

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