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Are you guys ready for this weekend's All-star games? If not pumped with Riot's new promo video.

Continue reading for more details on the event, team rosters, and more information straight from Riot's eSports team!

Here is Magus with the details:

"The 2013 League of Legends All-Star Event begins this week at the spectacular Shanghai Grand Stage in China.

Featuring 25 of the best players from around the globe, a tournament with World Championship implications and an exclusive skills competition, the All-Star Event promises three days of non-stop action from May 24 to 26.

Meet the players and the teams
  • Top: Dyrus (TSM Snapdragon)
  • Mid: Scarra (Dignitas)
  • ADC: Doublelift (Counter Logic Gaming)
  • Support: Xpecial (TSM Snapdragon)
  • Jungle: Saintvicious (Curse)

  • Top: sOAZ (Fnatic)
  • Mid: Alex Ich (Gambit BenQ)
  • ADC: Yellowpete (EG Raidcall)
  • Support: EDward (Gambit BenQ)
  • Jungle: Diamond (Gambit BenQ)

OGN Champions (Korea):
  • Top: Shy (CJ Entus Frost)
  • Mid: Ambition (CJ Entus Blaze)
  • ADC: PraY (NaJin Sword)
  • Support: MadLife (CJ Entus Frost)
  • Jungle: inSec (KT Rolster B)

Tencent LoL Pro League (China):
  • Top: PDD (Invictus Gaming)
  • Mid: Misaya (Team WE)
  • ADC: WeiXiao (Team WE)
  • Support: XiaoXiao (Invictus Gaming)
  • Jungle: Troll (Team WE)

Garena Premier League (South-East Asia):
  • Top: Stanley (Azubu Taipei Assassins)
  • Mid: Toyz (Azubu Taipei Assassins)
  • ADC: Chawy (Singapore Sentinels)
  • Support: MiSTakE (Azubu Taipei Snipers)
  • Jungle: HarLeLuYar (Singapore Sentinels)

All-Star Tournament
The five regional teams face off in a three-stage elimination battle. South-East Asia earned a bye into the second round with their region's victory in the Season 2 World Championship.
Round one features two matches:
  • Match 1: North America vs. China
  • Match 2: Europe vs. Korea
The winner of Match 1 will meet South-East Asia in the second round, while the losing teams in the first round fight to face the winner of Match 2.

All-Star Skills Competition
League of Legends is a team game played by individuals. For the first time, the All-Star Event features a showdown between players of the game's five primary roles. With a custom map and victory conditions for both 1v1 and 2v2 duels, the All-Star Skills Competition ratchets up the tension and delivers the drama.

  • Saintvicious
  • Diamond
  • inSec
  • Troll
  • HarLeLuYar

Mid Laners:
  • Scarra
  • Alex Ich
  • Ambition
  • Misaya
  • Toyz

Top Laners:
  • Shy
  • Dyrus
  • sOAZ
  • PDD
  • Stanley

AD Carry and Supports:
  • Doublelift and Xpecial
  • Yellowpete and EDward
  • PraY and MadLife
  • WeiXiao and XiaoXiao
  • Chawy and MiSTakE

All-Star Event
Winning the All-Star Tournament earns the victorious region an additional spot at the season-ending World Championship, increasing their odds to take home grand prize money and the Summoner's Cup. The top four teams at the All-Star Tournament claim a bye and seeding into the elimination rounds at the World Championship; the last place region loses that bye and teams reaching the World Championship from that region will slug it out in the group stages.

Catch all of the high-stakes action from Shanghai starting Friday, May 24. Head here for more about the All-Star Event from the home of League of Legends esports, www.lolesports.com. "

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