[ Updated ] On Fixing Melee AD Carries and Shyvana changes in the works.

Posted on at 7:35 PM by Moobeat
Updated: Scarizard commented on some specifics of the Shyvana buffs. Added to bot!

Ready for a small collection of red posts to help you get through this otherwise quiet day in Runeterra?

Continue reading for a few posts discussing the problems with buffing Melee AD Carries and a hint of upcoming Shyvana buffs.

Problems with Buffing Melee AD Carries

When asked if there were any plans to buff melee AD carries, such as Master Yi or Fiora, Morello responded:
"No, the answer is "we can't just buff an ADC that is melee because they're binary in their success/failure; either too strong or UP."

Fixing these characters, including Fiora, is something we're working on, but is longer-term than a numbers-fix."

He continued, explaining why he is intent on fixing rather than just buffing:
"Exactly - we don't want to just buff them so we have to tear them down again. I think a fix to Riposte is just cool and a win, but it won't do much for why ADC's that are melee are not balanceable at the moment. Xypherous has been messing with this a bit. 
Unfortunately, the Riposte changes we want to do are actually technically difficult and have been hard to prioritize over other important things."

When asked if he could give any more details, he replied:
"Basically some items, but also play patterns that tend to have more escape potential or upfront burst. It'd make them more "assassin-y"."

Shyvana changes in the works

Lastly, Morello dropped a small quip about the potential of upcoming Shyvana changes.
"We do have some plans, though details still being discussed."

Scarizard hopped in, adding:
"Shyvana is currently a very dominant early/mid-game jungler who's having a hard time transitioning late-game. Without going deeply into details on the changes we're discussing, a lot of our changes will be focused on Flame Breath and Dragon's Descent being more iconic and functional. We'll talk more later on down the patch cycle - i won't lock Live Design down for a release of these buffs (Based on testing, the scope of this could potentially increase and require more testing coverage) but it's a priority. I'm confident we can get her to a good state without just 'BUFF ALL THE NUMBERS!' - she's not the best, but she's by no means in a terrible state.

tl;dr Soon, not soonTM."


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