More on Updated Skin Prices and Surprise Party Fiddlesticks

Posted on at 7:39 AM by Moobeat
After yesterday's announcement, many summoners pointed out that back in the day Surprise Party Fiddlesticks was promised to stay at 975 RP.

Hippalus responded, apologizing for forgetting Riot's previous promise and announcing that Surprise Party Fiddlesticks will remain at 975 RP and will NOT be increased to 1350.
"Hey all, 
So we made a mistake with Surprise Party Fiddlesticks where we didn’t take into account our previous promises – for that we apologize and we’ve decided not to increase the price of Surprise Party Fiddlesticks. He will remainpermanently (for real this time) on sale for 975 RP. 
The rest of the changes will proceed as scheduled. Here are my thoughts:
  • These changes are about providing more transparency and fairness in how skins are priced, and doing so with sufficient notice to prepare.
  • As before, the majority of skins will be released at 975, and we will continue to push the envelope of quality at each tier.
  • This isn’t about making Riot more money. The 79 skin prices that are being lowered actually produce more sales than the 17 that are being increased.
  • There will be more 750 skins released this year than 1350 skins, including five very cool 750 skins before the end of June...

As with other eCommerce initiatives in the past several months (champion price changes, rune page sales, self service refunds, gifting, legacy skin sale), this change was intended to make things better for players, not worse. As always, we are open to constructive feedback! 

Furthermore, Hippalus also clarified everyone who owns Astronaut Teemo, Lion Dance Kogmaw, and Piltover Customs Blitzcrank will be getting a 470 RP refund!
"The 3 Legendaries that are being reduced will have the difference refunded to all owners, since Legendary is a price protected skin tier."

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