Hippalus discussing Skin Trading

Posted on at 11:15 PM by Moobeat
Interested in the latest news about the potential skin trading system we heard about a few months ago? Hippalus commented on the subject today saying:
"...Unfortunately there are some significant hurdles with a skin trading system that have yet to be solved, so it is not a solution that will be available anytime soon (if ever). "
Continue reading for several posts discussing the idea of a skin trading system, elaborating on the statement above, and explaining why it would be problematic.

Earlier this year, Hippalus mentioned the possibility of one day allowing players to trade skins between themselves.

He popped back on the forums today to give an update on the situation.
"We've been looking into this as one of a few possible options to help players get that one skin they've always loved but never been able to acquire. Unfortunately there are some significant hurdles with a skin trading system that have yet to be solved, so it is not a solution that will be available anytime soon (if ever). 
What is driving your interest in this kind of system?"

Hippalus then elaborated on the problems plaguing a potential skin trading system, saying:
"There are open questions about whether trading is good or bad for a game in general (eg. Diablo 3), but the hurdles I have been trying to resolve are technical, regulatory (mainly in Asia), fraud/abuse prevention (hacking accounts and ebay selling) and the method of enabling trade partners to find one another and mutually agree on a trade.

One problem is that demand and supply are vastly different for certain skins. For example, almost no one owns Ice Toboggan Corki. Your chances of seeing it in game are 1 in 900k in NA, 1 in 2.7M in EUW, and 1 in 51M in EUNE. There are likely hundreds or thousands of Corki players and skin collectors that would love to get it, but regardless of the system, very few will ever be able to trade for it. Does it go to the highest bidder? Can it be traded for RP or just other skins? How do we prevent offline deals and the resulting fraud? etc."

Replying to a summoner who was upset by this news he commented that this wasn't the only soulution for players to get rare skins,  saying:
"A trading system is only one possible way to solve the issue of helping players acquire their favorite skin."

Elaborating on this a bit, Hippalus continued:
"Thanks for the detail and sorry that you've had to go through such trouble just to try to get your favorite skin.

We've been doing research into the different approaches to solve this for players like you, including a large player survey of limited edition skin owners that went out earlier this month. We will hopefully have at least a partial solution sometime this year. I can't give any more details now on the research or possible solutions but I can assure you it has not been forgotten."


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