Get ready for the LCS All-Star Week May 24th - May 26th

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Voting has closed an the fan favorites have been chosen for the upcoming All-Star week!
Continue reading to see which players made it into the all start team, details on the event, and more!

Here is RedBeard with the details:
"We’ve tallied your votes in North America and Europe, and your all-star teams are officially decided. Between May 24 and May 26 the best players from North America, Europe, China, Korea and Southeast Asia / Taiwan will clash at the prestigious Shanghai Grand Stage in China, where they’ll compete in team and individual events that will pit them against the best players in the world. When it’s all said and done, we’ll find out which region is the dominant force in League of Legends esports. You can watch it all happen live from the official League of Legends esports site.

The stakes are high for at the first-ever League of Legends all-star tournament. In addition to bragging rights, the victorious team will earn their region an additional spot in the Season 3 World Championship. The top four finishers will also claim a bye and seeding into the quarterfinal round of the tournament. Aspiring teams from regions without an official pro league will have the opportunity to earn a place in the World Championship through an international qualifier at Gamescom later this season.
So, without further ado, here are your European and North American all-star teams: 
North America 
Saintvicious (Curse) 
Scarra (Team Dignitas) 
Dyrus (TSM Snapdragon) 
Xpecial (TSM Snapdragon) 
Doublelift (Counter Logic Gaming) 
Diamondprox (Gambit BenQ) 
Alex Ich (Gambit BenQ) 
sOAZ (Fnatic)
EDward (Gambit BenQ)
Yellowpete (EG Raidcall) 
All-Star Week will also unveil a very exciting event this year. Many of you speculate about which individual players are at the top of their respective positions. In Shanghai, we’re finally going to answer that question. Your favorite players from top, mid, jungle and bot will square off against one another in an individual tournament. The last players left standing will have the right to claim they’re the best individual competitors in the world.

All-Star Week promises to be one of the year’s most exciting tournaments, so don’t miss this opportunity to watch your favorite players compete for pride and an edge in the World Championship. You can learn more about your favorite all-stars on the official esports site. And be sure to clear your calendar between May 24 and May 26 so you can watch live!"

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