EU also gets 4 Win IP boost for Patch 3.5 problems!

Posted on at 10:53 AM by Moobeat
It turns out that EU is also getting a 4 win IP boost in light of all the problems experienced with patch 3.5!

Herer is Ymir with the details:
Ymir's Avatar''Hey all,
Several issues have impacted our live service over the last few weeks. This has been frustrating for us, and also resulted in a frustrating experience for you. 
Long-term improvement of our deploy times and quality continues to be a primary goal. Clearly we missed the boat recently. For this reason, we will be compensating players with a 4 Win IP boost. This will be provided to anyone who has logged in within the past 30 days. 
With patch 3.5 we encountered some major issues on our European platforms. We play too and feel the downtime and problems like you do. That doesn’t set things right, but your frustration is our frustration and we want to be certain that we fixed these issues before talking about compensation. 
Also, we want to apologise for not messaging this to you at the same time as messaging went out in NA. We wanted to get EU messaging out during normal hours, but reaction to the delay shows that we should rethink this approach.

Our platforms are independent, but our community is globally connected. While we are aware of this it’s easy to underestimate just how many of you guys are here throughout the night. 
One thing we should never underestimate is how passionate European players are; we want to make certain that you’re in the loop and have an understanding of what is happening so you don’t hear it second hand. We don’t want this to be just words and so we may be quiet at times as we take action, but your feedback always informs what we do."

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