Zaun Amorphous Experiment - Development Log 001

Posted on at 10:48 AM by Moobeat
Two mysterious new images have popped up on the forums. Entitled "Zaun Amorphous Experiment" these images seem to hint that Zaun ( a city state like Ionia or Demacia )  is up to something quite dastardly. Might this be a hint at our next champion? ;)
The image file names read ZAC which standing for Zaun Amorphous Combatent, but it's unclear if that will be this champion's name. ( EDIT: File name got changed to something boring. )

This would also explain the living ooze the squirms into a trap in the recently released Mac client video.
Heck, we could even jump to more conclusions and guess this is also tied to Grumpy Monkey's forum avatar.

 Just like Quinn and Valor, I would expect a series of images for this little guy over the next couple of days.

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