Xelnath working on Ward tracking Statistics

Posted on at 2:00 PM by Moobeat
Xelnath, the Rioter behind the recent HP bar changes and the loss of control bars, is at it again! This time he's throwing around the idea of tracking wards in the post game stats.
"Hey guys, 
I'm coding up some stat tracking for wards now. I want to give support and solo lane players some more recognition for amazing warding. Specifically, following up on the rule to prevent people from spamming wards in their base to cheese warding stats.

I plan to add: "Placed a new ward" and "Killed a ward" as end of game stats.

Is there anything else obvious you guys feel is worth noting at the end of the game?

Disclaimer: Everything we intuitively "get" as players may not be as easy to detect procedurally for a computer."

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