Sunbathing Leona Concept at PAX East

Posted on at 5:19 AM by Moobeat
At this year's PAX East, IronStylus and Riot Tea Time worked through some concept art for a Sunbathing
Leona skin.
Continue reading for IronStylus explaining what happened and some pics we snapped from the show room floor!

IronStylus had this to say:

"We did this thing at PAX where we live designed Sunbathing Leona. I talked to a few people before going, wondering, so long as we managed expectations as to when/if the skin would be made, if we could show people the concept art process. This is the result of that process but very abbreviated. Again, have to manage expectations, but hey, if we didn't think this skin was a possibility, I don't think we would have done this demo =)

We shall see! I hope everyone who got a chance to take a look at the demo enjoyed it! Also I hope this helps create some interest in the skin. I personally love the pool party/beach skins. I think this would be a super fun addition.

Caveat! This skin still would have to go through some iteration. There was only so much we could do in the span of a few days with only a couple hours of work in each. This certainly has to be polished and tightened up. This is in a pretty early stage, not finished by any means.

Either way, hope you guys like this little treat in the meantime!"

ps, this post wasn't done by Moobeat but by a ninja who taken his place temporarily.

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