Mac Client in Open Beta and iBlitzcrank now available!

Posted on at 10:43 AM by Moobeat
Today is a wonderful day for both Mac users and all of you who have been long awaiting a new Blitzcrank skin.
Continue reading for more details on the Mac client entering open beta and a closer look at the now available iBlitzcrank skin!

Mac Client now in Open Beta
Riot is happy to announce that their official Mac client is now in open beta! Mac users can click here to download the client for use on the live servers and check out Udyr's announcement on the matter:
"The League of Legends Mac client is now in open beta and available for download. And yes, we’re sure this time!
You can grab the Mac Open Beta client over at the download page. 
Going native on Mac has been a big goal for us, and we’re really excited to offer the same experience across both platforms. And just in case you’re still skeptical, we managed to wrangle an endorsement from this business-savvy professional. We’re confident you all know that this man games as he pleases! 
The Mac client does everything that the PC client does, meaning you’ll get all future features, bug fixes and new content on the same schedule as PC players, but on your native OS. The Cross-Platform team will also continue working diligently to smash any Mac bugs that surface during the open beta.  
We want to thank Mac players for waiting so patiently – and a special thanks to the awesome summoners over at iLoL who helped you play on your native OS while the official client was in development. You rock, iLoLers, and we appreciate all the dedication you’ve shown to your fellow Mac-enthusiasts."

iBlitzcrank now available!
Along with the new Mac client, iBlitzcrank is now available for purchase! He's going to run you 975 RP and comes with a slew of new particles, animations, and more.

"The Mac Client has just moved into open beta, and Blitzcrank couldn’t be more excited. The newiBlitzcrank skin comes equipped with crisp laser tethering and rippling electronic pulses that add new color to his spell effects. This sleek, shiny new take adds sci-fi-inspired sounds and animations that give new life to the Great Steam Golem"

Here is a video preview so you can see just how fancy this guy is!

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