iBlitzcrank's Rocket Grab Too Hard to See

Posted on at 11:39 AM by Moobeat
Yesterday, ZenonTheStoic replied to a thread claiming that iBlitzcrank's Rocket Grab was now harder to see. The new skin uses a blue beam instead of the traditional wire, which many summoners are having a hard time seeing, thus a harder time telling if Blitz is attempting to pull them or  has just missed a pull.
"Hey guys! We take this kind of thing very seriously. I've had a quick look at it in customs games and it looks like the blue trail that comes from the hand might be a little bit too easy to lose. It fulfils the same function as the wire in the baseline skin.

I'll have someone from skins look at it on Monday. Thanks for the report!"
Morello gave us an update today, saying:
"We'll be fixing this and agree - this skin is too hard to read. I don't have a date, but it's a priority and we will get it ASAP.

My bad on not being diligent enough on this one."

For reference, here is a comparison between the two grab particles.

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